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Startups are a massive boost for economies. Savvy countries around the world recognize this. Startup Visa Countries are responding by offering fast-track residency and citizenship through Entrepreneur visa programs. These programs (also called Start-Up visas) are aimed at people with great ideas and entrepreneurial drive. These countries understand that fostering a startup culture can help local entrepreneurs learn and grow. Happily, some of these visa programs are from the best countries in the world to start a business. Foreign entrepreneurs who commit to their new home can be a great way to promote that culture.

Startup Visa Countries 2024

The range of countries is impressive and is growing all the time. It includes hard-to-access countries and desirable destinations. The list of countries offering a startup visa or entrepreneur visa program includes:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Canada (Quebec has a separate program that is administered at the state level.)
  • Chile
  • Cyprus
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • France
  • Hong Kong
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Mauritius
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Portugal
  • San Marino
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Taiwan
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom

What are the advantages of moving your startup abroad?

There are many reasons that a founder might choose an international move as a mission-critical item on the path to success, including:

  • Support in the form of business incubators, accelerators, mentors, and startup know-how
  • Access to markets and customers
  • New government and private funding sources
  • Investment environments and investor groups that are capable of funding innovative products and services
  • Hire critical skills and technologies that may be more difficult to source in your home country
  • Obtain favorable tax regimes
  • A pathway to residency, citizenship, and a passport for you and your family in a new country

The top 15 Startup Visa Countries that we love

What is the catch? Well, each country has a set of requirements. Similarly, each country offers different things to a budding founder. These differences mean that each founder needs to evaluate their personal situation for the best fit. Your new home needs to be an excellent match for you, your family, and your business. To make it easier for you, we had a look at all the available programs. Here we choose our top 15 countries for Startup Visa Programs around the world.

Canada (outside Quebec) Startup visa

The Canada startup visa program offers permanent residency for qualifying startup founders. The critical point for this program is first to get support for your startup from a designated organization. This support can be an investment from any approved venture capital fund, investor group, or angel investor group. The support could also be an endorsement or membership of a business incubator.

Your business or product must be innovative, have the potential to create jobs for Canadians, and be able to compete outside of Canada.

Up to five people can apply as part of the same company. However, they must each own a minimum of 10% of the voting shares of the company.

The applicants and supporting organizations must hold at least 50% of the voting rights of the company when you apply.

During the assessment of the Canada startup visa application, the government can grant a temporary residence permit for you to move to Canada. This permit is to allow you to start building the business. There is also a language test requirement for this startup visa class. Fees are from $2,075, and the processing time is 12 – 16 months.

Please note that Quebec has a startup immigration program that operates independently.

Denmark Startup Visa

Denmark will assess your startup visa application and get an answer to you within six weeks. The Danish immigration department offers a 2-year residency and work visa for high-potential startups. You can apply for multiple three-year extensions of this visa.

A dedicated government agency supports the startup visa program. Founders get access to a wide range of government support. You, your spouse, and your children are eligible for most welfare benefits, including Denmark’s renowned health and education systems.

The environment in which you run your business will make a massive difference to your success or failure. Will your startup be encouraged to thrive? In 2015 Forbes nominated Denmark as the number one country in the world to do business.

Denmark is always rated in the top 10 happiest countries in the world. And, with an offer like this, founders are going to agree with those ratings.

Portugal Startup Visa

Portugal’s government has been at the forefront of attracting immigration through investment. They have worked hard to make it easy to do business with initiatives like “On the Spot Firm” centers. These centers allow you to set up a new business or the branch of a foreign company in under an hour.

Government and private business incubators and startup accelerators are available in both Portuguese and English, and Lisbon has a vibrant startup community.

Startups applying to this program are assessed across five categories.

  • degree of innovation
  • scalability of the business
  • market potential
  • the capacity of the management team
  • potential for creating jobs

Other requirements are:

  • The startup needs to be technology-focused,
  • The startup needs to show the potential to create jobs and generate a turnover of 325,000€/ year.

A low cost of living, a high standard of living, and access to EU markets and funding all add to an attractive package. For these reasons, Portugal appeals to founders looking for a new start.

This visa is also a pathway to Portuguese citizenship and a Portugal passport.

New Zealand Entrepreneur Visa

The New Zealand Entrepreneur Visa program is not just for startup founders. The program also applies to anyone wanting to start or buy a business in New Zealand. Through this program, you can apply for residency under the Entrepreneur Residence Category. For immigrant founders, the qualification period is two years. However, the residency period is reduced to six months for investments of more than NZ$500,000 into the company. Your family is included in this program. This visa class is a pathway to New Zealand citizenship and a passport.

New Zealand offers this visa for three years, and the approval has two stages. The first stage is a one-year work visa allowing you to buy or set up your business. The next stage is a two-year residence permit when you show that you are taking steps to establish your company.

You need to meet 5 criteria to qualify for the New Zealand entrepreneur visa.

  • You must have a minimum capital investment of NZ$100,000 (this does not include working capital)
  • The New Zealand government must approve your business. There is a point system with 120 points required. Points are awarded for factors including the likely success of the business and the value of the company to New Zealand.
  • You’ll need a business plan that lays out your idea and your next steps. See this article on Startup Nation for a guide.
  • Show that you have a record clear of bankruptcy, business failure, or fraud.
  • Show that you meet the good character, health, and English proficiency levels.

Spain Startup Visa

The visa for a startup is called the Spain Entrepreneur Visa. The principal criterion for assessing your application is a decision around the benefits your business will bring to Spain. While some other visas have a clear focus on innovative products, Spain’s criterion is more extensive. You need to show that it will create jobs. You need to have a clear business plan, sufficient funds, insurance, criminal record, and other items.

It has a relatively fast processing period; however, we recommend that you use an immigration lawyer to help you get all of the paperwork in order. Spain is notorious for its red tape and confusing processes. In addition, everything needs to be translated into Spanish or Catalan. For this reason, we have found an excellent partner in Spain who understands exactly what is required and can get you your visa with the least amount of hassle.

Chile Startup Visa

Chile has several programs, and innovative ideas go way beyond the visa. There is access to government funding, business incubator support, and much more. Their Startup Chile Community offers support throughout the entire startup journey. In return, Chile looks to founders to spread the entrepreneurial gospel throughout Chile. This progressive and imaginative program is bearing fruit, with over 1,300 startups in the process.

Chile has excellent infrastructure, great access to talent, a low cost of living, and low taxes. There is a lot in this startup visa program for a founder looking for a break.

Japan Entrepreneur Visa

An exciting offering can be found in Japan, with a new scheme announced in December 2017. The offer is restricted to the Fukuoka prefecture for the moment. The city has founded the Fukuoka Start-up Café to help founders through the entire relocation and setup process. This support includes assistance with a range of issues, from opening bank accounts and the visa process itself to marketing a product in Japan.

The six-monthly startup visa is renewable, with regular reviews of the startup progress being assessed. Successful founders have access to office and residential rent subsidy schemes offered by the city. While it is only Fukuoka that offers an Entrepreneur visa at present, it is hoped that other parts of Japan will follow.

Estonian Startup Visa

Which European Union country has the highest number of startups per capita? Estonia owns that title. For instance, Skype was an Estonian startup. Active investors in the Estonian startup landscape include Richard Branson, Peter Thiel, Seedcamp, Matrix Partners, and Intel Capital. The Estonia government saw this potential and now offers a range of Estonian visas and residence permits. The standard founder visa is a 12-month renewable visa which also gives the founder’s spouse a working visa and residency. Experts rank Estonia as one of the best places globally for startups.

If you want to base your company in Estonia but not settle there, the government also offers the innovative Estonia e-Residency scheme. This base allows your business to be based and run in this European Union country even if you don’t reside there. At the cost of only €80, it would be crazy not to get onto this!

Please see our new guide for more information about moving to Estonia.

Hong Kong Investment as Entrepreneur Visa

Hong Kong is a global finance hub with access to the world’s biggest markets. There is a strong pool of high-quality talent and unrivaled infrastructure. While Hong Kong has faced recent political and financial challenges, the future of Hong Kong’s business environment remains healthy.

The Hong Kong Investment as Entrepreneur visa is usually valid for an initial period of two years. You can renew the visa for an additional three-year period after that time has elapsed.

The visa covers your spouse/partner and any unmarried dependant children under 18 years old.

Processing time for the visa application is generally around four weeks.

This entrepreneur visa program looks to attract world-class businesses. There are two streams.

For the Startup visa stream, you’ll need to show you have the backing of an approved program. These include:

  1.  StartmeupHK Venture Programme administered by InvestHK
  2. Incu-App, Incu-Bio, and Incu-Tech programs administered by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation 
  3. Cyberport Incubation Programme
  4. Small Entrepreneur Research Assistance Programme and Enterprise Support Scheme administered by the Innovation and Technology Commission 
  5. Design Incubation Programme administered by the Hong Kong Design Centre.

For the Entrepreneur visa stream, you need to meet several criteria. These include:

  • No character issues, including serious crimes and bankruptcies.
  • Appropriate tertiary or technical qualifications.
  • You can contribute to the Hong Kong economy. This contribution could be through revenue, job creation, investments, or the introduction of new skills or technologies. You’ll need to demonstrate how your business will deliver these outcomes.

The Hong Kong government’s Entrepreneur Visa website can be found here.

Singapore EntrePass 

The EntrePass covers a number of different entrepreneur and startup visa categories. If you have recently started or intend to start a company, you may qualify. For founders, there is a significant hurdle. As a founder, you’ll need to meet one of three criteria. 

  1. You have at least SG$100,000 in guaranteed funding from an approved investor. There are both VCs and Angel groups on the approved list.
  2. You are registered with a government-recognized incubator or accelerator.
  3. You have a significant startup track record and business network.

If you have an innovative product (generally patentable), there is another pathway. This pathway also has three options.

  1. Registered intellectual property, which gives your business a competitive advantage.
  2. A research collaboration with an approved Singapore institution.
  3. You have an outstanding track record in your area of expertise.

See the Singapore Government’s EntrePass website for more details.

The Netherlands Entrepreneur Visa

The Netherlands is a country of entrepreneurs. This focus is reflected in the fantastic entrepreneur visa offered by the Dutch government. Accessing the startup program of this European Union country requires three things.

  1. You have a great idea.
  2. You will work with a Dutch facilitator, mentor, accelerator, or incubator. Checkout ahtirotterdampartnersimpacthubstartupbootcamprockstartcollider or makerversity for some examples.
  3. You can show funds of at least €13,000 to support yourself.

Satisfy those criteria, and you’ll get a 12-month startup visa. Importantly, this is renewable and a pathway to residency and citizenship if your business is successful. The Netherlands is a country that consistently ranks in the top 10 best places to live in the world. It has access to the markets of the EU and a well-educated population in a buzzing technical community. The Netherlands entrepreneur visa could be the perfect first step for a founder with dreams.

Ireland Startup Visa

Ireland is home to 3 out of 5 of the world’s top gaming companies (like EA and Activision). It is home to 9 out of 10 of the world’s leading technology and internet companies, such as Facebook and Google. Ireland’s capital, Dublin, is home to 2000+ startups.

Why is Ireland popular with startup boards and founders? Access to fantastic government support (both financial and practical) and low corporate taxes help. Other positives are EU membership and close ties to the US economy and investment communities. Finally, there is also a vibrant tech ecosystem and a highly skilled international workforce to staff your company. Add in a famously welcoming country, and there is a compelling argument to be made for living and working in Ireland. The cherry on the top is a well-administered and flexible startup visa scheme.

The startup visa allows family members to migrate under the same visa. Importantly, the visa has no job creation targets initially (but should have the potential to create ten jobs in 3 – 4 years). Founders need to provide €50,000 of available funding for the business and have a high-potential startup idea. The Ireland startup visa is a pathway to permanent residency and Irish citizenship for the founder and their family.

See our guide for more information on Ireland’s Startup Visa.

France Entrepreneur Visa

France rolls out the red carpet for startup founders, investors, and tech employees. While each category has different requirements, it is worth investigating France’s startup scene wherever you are in the startup ecosystem.

Investment in French-based startups has steadily increased from $1 billion in 2014 to $2 billion in 2015 and $2.4 billion in 2016. This flow of money reflects the fact that France has been home to the fastest-growing startup ecosystem in Europe over the last five years. Indeed, today it has the highest number of Venture Capital deals in Europe. To be eligible, your innovative startup will need to partner with a French incubator or accelerator. Additionally, you’ll have enough money to support yourself for a year (around €18,000). After that, the entrepreneur visa is renewable.

The French Tech Ticket is aimed at technology startups. This program has a wide range of benefits beyond just a fast track to French residency. The benefits include grant money and free office space in Paris’ top incubators.

Latvia Startup Temporary Residence permit

We’ve added this program to our list after it the conditions were reviewed. Latvia has an excellent support system for startups. It now has an agile startup visa program to match.

It is a simple process to access the startup visa of this European Union country. You need to be the founder of a company built on an innovative, scalable idea. Up to five founders of a single company can apply for the visa. You’ll need a small amount of cash in the bank, and that is it. You are eligible for a one-year temporary residence visa. The residency permit also covers your spouse and dependant children. Your visa application can be reviewed in as little as a week.

To renew the startup visa after a year, you need to meet some conditions.

You must have set up the business in Latvia. Over the year in Lativa, you have worked on, developed, and grown your startup. Or, you have to have raised €30,000 from a VC fund or €15,000 from an accelerator/business angel. So, demonstrate the capacity to raise capital, or traction if you are bootstrapping and you can stay.

For more details, see the Latvia government’s Startup Support group.

Mauritius Occupation Permit

Mauritius welcomes the founders of innovative startups. This is a part of the government’s push to build a knowledge economy. There is a Mauritius Occupation Permit for Investors of innovative start-ups.

There are two options.

  • Submit a business plan to the Mauritius Economic Development Board. The business plan must show a clear pathway to a sustainable, innovative business.
  • Be accepted into an authorized Mauritius incubator.

This is a renewable ten-year residency permit.

If this visa is of interest to you, then be sure to book a planning session with our Mauritius immigration partner. In the planning session, they will assess your situation and let you know the exact steps to be taken to get the occupation permit.

Entrepreneur options for US residency, including the E2 Visa

There is currently no dedicated USA startup or entrepreneur visa for founders and startups.

There is no direct pathway to residency and citizenship in the USA. While there are still pathways for founders, they can be challenging to access. The International Entrepreneur Rule created by the last administration was designed to attract entrepreneurs. It would have given founders with confirmed investors 30 months to establish their companies. Unfortunately, the rule has not been activated, and it seems unlikely to be under the current administration.

The E2 Treaty Investor Visa is a great option for those looking to move to the USA. This Entrepreneur Visa looks to encourage inward investment into the USA.

  • You can invest as little as $100,000.
  • You can invest into an existing business or start a new business.
  • The visa is for two years, but can be renewed indefinitely.
  • You can bring your spouse and dependent children with you.
  • You can use your company’s status as an E2 sponsor to bring over team members from your home country.

We’ve written a detailed article on the US E2 Visa with all the details you need to know.

There are companies like Unshackled Ventures and One Way Ventures that focus on immigrant founders. These founders should have a great idea and be interested in the USA as a home for their new company. The companies look at visas, permits, and more, as well as pure investment opportunities. If you have a great idea, pitching to them may be a great move.

Startup Visa Countries Want Your Talent

You have a brilliant idea and a drive to see that idea come to life. There are governments around the world queuing up to help you make it happen. Like every part of being a founder, this decision is going to have a massive impact on the trajectory of your company. Having said that, expanding your horizons may be what you need to bring your idea to the world!

Interested in other ways to access residency abroad as a founder?

Check out our blog, 14 Ways to Get EU Residency that you might not know about.

Do you have a regular income from another source, including your business? Even a small amount may give you the opportunity to move to another country while you bring your idea to life. See our article on Income Visas.

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