Get Clarity on Your Immigration Options

When choosing a country to move to, you need to determine whether you are eligible for a visa, residency, or citizenship in that country.

Our handpicked global network of immigration lawyers offer our clients a 30- to 45-minute consultation to understand your situation and explain your best immigration path for that country.

What to expect from your lawyer in your consultation.


They will listen to ensure they understand your specific situation fully.


You will get a recommendation for the best immigration option for you and your family.


All our lawyers are honest about each opportunity and challenge.


They will outline the steps to be taken to get your visa or residency permit.


If you need it, they will give you a quote to assist you with all or part of the process.


All our immigration lawyers are handpicked and continuously assessed by us for quality assurance.

“The best chance of getting our visa…”

…they put me in touch with a good lawyer who has been sorting out everything we need to have the best chance of getting our visa without us having a nightmare, making silly mistakes, and having to start again. We did have a slight hesitation as this was a bit of a leap of faith, but after an initial consultation, we are happy to go ahead- Sandra (GB)

Meet our Immigration Partner Network

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“I had an unusual immigration issue…”

I had an unusual immigration issue, and requests to law firms for assistance went unanswered. I contacted wherecani.live, who understood the issue and quickly responded with a firm that knew exactly how to help. They also followed up to see how things were progressing. Much later, another firm responded and offered to do the same work for 6 times the price! A super helpful service.- Chris B

How do we choose Immigration Lawyers for our Network?

We ask our friends and people we trust in our community for recommendations of outstanding service providers with competitive and transparent pricing.

We then research the company using our assessment process. They need to:

Be qualified and have the required level of education for their area of expertise.

Have years of relevant experience in their field.

Have excellent reviews from verified clients.

Communicate clearly in English.

Have transparent and fair pricing.

Be pleasant to work with! 

We ask every single client that uses lawyers in our network about their service experience. If their experience was not up to scratch, we follow up, and if we are still unhappy with that partner’s resolution, they are no longer in our network!

We have been working with some partners for over six years and they continue to get excellent reviews from everyone that uses them.

We are so confident in our partners that we offer a 100% moneyback guarantee if you aren’t happy with their service.