Are You Looking to Move Abroad? We’re Here To Help You.

The experience of living in many countries and cultures has enriched our lives. The new friendships and new perspectives have been life-changing. But trying to work out which country to move to is scary and hard! We would love you help you work out Where You Can Live.

Are you asking yourself any of these questions?

Which country will give you a better quality of life than where you live today?

Where can you afford to live?

Where are you eligible for a visa or citizenship?

Which city or town allows you to enjoy the lifestyle you want, such as weather, nature, and activities?

Which country has favorable tax regimes for you?

Where can you work or study?

If you want these answers, you have landed in the right place!


Hi, we are Alastair & Alison.

We’re a husband and wife team who have lived in six countries on four continents before making Spain our home in 2015. Where Can I Live was born from our passion for experiencing different cultures worldwide. Our mission is to help you experience the richness of life abroad that we have been so fortunate to experience ourselves.

In 2015, we were in senior roles in investment banking, pharma, and technology in Sydney. We worked stupid hours, had large global teams, and had to travel a lot. We realized we were chasing after something we didn’t want in the end.

So we kicked in our jobs and moved to Spain for a one-year sabbatical.

Nearly a decade later, here we are – still in Spain! Life here really suits us. We run businesses that help thousands of people every year, and our lifestyle is much more relaxed, happy, and healthy. We even hang out with our teenage son when he lets us!

If you are looking for a country that will give you a better lifestyle, then you have come to the right place. We would love to help you!

“Before finding them, I spent hours and hours on many false starts.”

I am delighted with the level of communication from Alison & Alistair at Where Can I Live. Every inquiry I’ve had has been dealt with immediately; the companies & institutions recommended by A&A have been thoroughly researched so one can proceed with confidence. It’s so scary to do online business for those of us who are suspicious, so thank goodness for kind & careful folks!

– Sarah Coles (UK)

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