Spain Tax Advice

Are you wondering how much tax you will pay when you move to Spain? Looking for advice on how to structure your finances to be tax efficient?  Our tax lawyer, Louis, knows Spain’s complex taxation and regulatory system.  He also has international taxation experience and will give you tailored advice you can rely on.

Confused by all the different tax laws in Spain?

Navigating the complex landscape of Spanish tax law can be a daunting task for anyone. With multiple layers of bureaucracy and constantly changing regulations, it is easy to become overwhelmed by all the different tax laws in Spain and double taxation treaties.

Are you a resident for tax purposes in Spain?

How can you get paid by an overseas company?

Should you set yourself up as self-employed or is there a better way to structure things?

How does the wealth tax impact you?

I was afraid the initial meeting would be very generic and explain the ‘rules’, but Louis got straight down to specific info about our situation. It helped that I had written out all our assets so I could rattle them off for him. He provided clear and concise info on our position and how we could handle the needs of the three different countries involved (NZ, Australia, and Spain). It was very helpful in giving me a sense of our liabilities and taxes and made me realize that we pay a lot more tax down under than we would in Spain

– Jedda Kelly

Connect with LOUIS and his team

Your personal 60-minute Spain Tax Consultation

If you are feeling confused or need help understanding how to manage your taxes effectively, assistance from an experienced Spanish tax expert could make all the difference.

What you get in the consultation


A 60-minute consultation with Louis


Clear advice on the best tax strategy and structure for you, your family, and your business.


A quote for further services should you want them.  This could be setting up a business, becoming self-employed, or using their accounting services.

Within 30 minutes, I understood not only the tax consequences of receiving income from the US but also my options going forward and the estimated tax rate during my 1st year as a resident of Valencia. I had some additional tax-related questions that were a little technical in nature, and Louis handled them with ease and helped me to feel quite confident about my understanding of everything.

– Scott C

Why do we recommend Louis?


He is a good listener, professional, and concise.


He knows Spain, the US, and the UK´s complex taxation & regulatory system.


He is a seasoned tax expert who will study your case carefully to offer you the most comprehensive advice. 


He works with mainly international clients and has an understanding of double taxation laws and structures to minimize your tax obligations.

Our long-term business depends on the performance of our partners.

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The company is based in Barcelona however they have clients all over Spain. 

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