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Need a great Immigration Lawyer in Ireland?

We have been sending clients to Stephen and his team for many years, and they continue to get consistently excellent feedback.

In the 30-minute consultation, they will recommend the best immigration path and outline the steps to securing your visa or citizenship.

Save when you book through Where Can I Live.

Why we recommend Stephen and his team.

They have decades of specialized experience to draw on when looking at your situation.

Immigration Law in Ireland can be complex. They will give you simple, straightforward, and confidential advice.

They will help you choose the best visa or citizenship path for your situation.

They are specialists in Irish citizenship, all Irish Visas, Irish Residency, and Work Permits.

They can help you with all of your paperwork and appointments.

They can help with your residency and settling-in requirements.

“ Stephen and the team were very professional, empathetic, and helpful. He met with me very quickly after I contacted them and offered some solutions straightway. He was very responsive throughout the process keeping me up to date with the development of my case, which definitely made a difference for me and added an extra layer of comfort. I couldn’t recommend Stephen and the team enough!“

– Camilla M


Your 30-minute Immigration Consultation

What you get in the consultation

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A 30-minute consultation with a qualified Irish Immigration lawyer over Zoom or in person

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Clear advice on the best Irish visa or citizenship route for you and your family.

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Understand the next steps to achieve your residency or citizenship goals.

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A quote from the firm for any services that you wish to use. This can include full visa service, citizenship, residency cards, or help to settle in.

100% money-back guarantee if you are not completely happy
Ireland Immigration lawyer- Stephen Kirwan

“They are the best immigration solicitors in Ireland, particularly Juliet George. She’s competent, effective and efficient and I could not recommend her services more. My family and I had struggled with our immigration case for many years but with Juliet’s experience and incredible knowledge we got a positive answer in great time. We’ve been to so many solicitors and none have been as effective and capable as Juliet. I highly recommend her to anyone who has immigration issues. My family and I will never forget the help you have rendered to us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!“

– Elizabeth Z

We do the vetting and continuous assessment for you.

We have lived in six countries on four continents and traveled extensively. Each time, we’ve dealt with the complexities of a new immigration system. We have had some excellent lawyers to help us out, but we also had shockingly bad experiences. We can assure you that hiring an immigration lawyer who comes up top in a Google search does not get you the best result.

Our clients continuously asked us for recommendations on good immigration lawyers. So, we developed our continuous assessment process, where we research and interview many potential immigration lawyers before we choose one to provide you with excellent service and fair pricing.

We have been working with Stephen and his team for many years, and they continue getting amazing feedback. They are efficient and professional and will quickly get your visa or citizenship sorted out.

All the best for your new life or citizenship in Ireland

Alison and Alastair

“Juliet was amazing start to finish. A lovely person very efficient and professional and I would highly recommend her. She sorted my issue out that was with another solicitor for 3 years and had it sorted in 5 months. Thanks again Juliet “

– Shazad A

Using our Immigration Lawyer in Ireland Addresses These Major Concerns

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Expertise in Irish Immigration Law: Our partner has comprehensive expertise in Irish immigration law, especially as it pertains to non-EU citizens (for Americans) and post-Brexit UK citizens.

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Credibility and Reputation: It’s essential to find a reputable lawyer with a successful track record in Irish immigration laws. Expats want to ensure they work with someone trustworthy and well-regarded in the Dublin community. Our selection process and client check-ins ensure the best support.

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Cost and Billing Practices: Legal services can vary in cost. Our partner’s open and transparent pricing means you won’t be overcharged, facing hidden fees, or navigating different billing practices.

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Up-to-date Knowledge: Immigration laws and regulations can change, especially in the context of evolving global situations and post-Brexit changes. Stephen and his team provide themselves with keeping current with the latest Irish rules.

Our long-term business depends on the performance of our partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most reputable immigration firms in Ireland charge for a consultation. This allows them the time to understand your situation and give you an honest assessment of your situation. And it means you’ll meet with a qualified immigration lawyer, not the intern or admin. Free consultations are sometimes a marketing strategy to push a standard sales pitch.

The Irish Immigration Market is extremely busy, so most firms charge between €150 – €300 for a consultation. We have a special deal agreed for our clients to pay only € 57 for your first consultation.

We have a detailed selection process for all our partners. We are so confident of the quality of their professional service and value that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. We’ll only ask why you were unhappy so that we can improve our service; you’ll get your money back immediately, no matter the answer.

Our partners are specialists in Ireland immigration. They can assist with all residence permits and visas for people moving to Ireland. They also help with citizenship applications and investor visa applications. They handle immigration and related issues for both EU and non-EU citizens. Our partners can help you no matter where you plan to live in Ireland.


  • The Irish Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP) and Startup Entrepreneur Programme (STEP) provide residency and work permissions in exchange for direct investment into Ireland’s economy.
  • Retirement Visas or a visa for a person of independent means.
  • Residence Permit
  • Ireland Work Permit
  • Ireland Study Visa
  • Irish citizenship application

You can agree on the legal services you want from the company and the costs in the initial consultation.

There is no guarantee. Each consulate has slightly different processes for obtaining a visa or residence permit. Plus, the requirements change over time. However, Stephen and his team will understand your situation and the requirements. They’ll ensure you don’t submit an application before it has the best possible chance of being approved.

Yes, our partner has expertise in all Irish citizenship processes. They guide Expat clients with Irish citizenship by naturalization, marriage, or birth.

Yes, you can; however, you will pay 250 and not receive the discount that you get when you book through Where Can I Live.