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Expats love living in Mauritius. And, for many people becoming a citizen of this beautiful island nation is a strong possibility. For those people, Mauritius citizenship is a brilliant addition as a primary or second option. Happily, there are several options for accessing Mauritius nationality, and we’ll cover all of them in detail. All options automatically give you a Mauritius passport. And, we’ll cover off why this is such a good thing to have for you and your family.

How to get Mauritius citizenship

If you are born in Mauritius to at least one Mauritian parent, you are automatically a Mauritian citizen.

There are four ways for foreigners to become a Mauritian citizen.


There are three opportunities for citizenship by registration:

Mauritius citizenship by descent (from your parents)

If at least one of your parents is Mauritian by birth, you can be granted Mauritian citizenship by descent. For this option, you can apply regardless of where you were born.

A person born outside Mauritius (to Mauritian born citizen/s) is a citizen of Mauritius under section 20(3) and 23 of the Constitution.

By marriage to a Mauritius citizen

You are eligible for Mauritius citizenship by marriage if you:

  • Are married to a Mauritian.
  • You have lived with your spouse in Mauritius for four or more years.

Be aware, local immigration law does not recognize gay marriages.

As a Commonwealth citizen

Any citizen of a Commonwealth country can apply to for Mauritian nationality if you:

  • Have lived here for at least five years.
  • Are over 18.
  • Speak good English or another local language.
  • Can show that you understand the responsibilities of being a citizen.

Naturalization after residency

Anyone who has legally lived in the country for a qualifying period can apply to become a Mauritian citizen by naturalization. You could be living on any combination of Mauritius visa, work permit, residence permit, or permanent resident status.

Please visit our detailed article for all you need to know about Mauritius visas, work permits, resident permits, and routes to permanent residency.

There are some requirements you’ll need to meet. You must:

  • Have lived here for a continuous twelve-month period before applying.
  • Before those twelve months, have lived here for five out of the last seven years. But, if you have invested more than USD500,000 as part of your Investor Occupation Permit, this drops to two years.
  • Pass a good character test; you have no serious criminal record or other issues.
  • Speak good English or another local language.
  • Intend to continue to live here.

On adoption

Adopted children will become Mauritian if the adopting parent is a Mauritian citizen. In a dual adoption, the male adopting parent must be a Mauritian citizen.

Incorporation of territory

An example could be if territories sold to Britain, like the Chagos Archipelago, were returned.

If Mauritius takes over a territory, that territory will be incorporated into the nation. If that happens, and you live in the incorporated territory, you’d become a citizen.

How long does it take to get Mauritius citizenship?

Assuming you meet all requirements, the minimum time to become a citizen is:

  • Birth
  • Descent
  • Adoption
Two years
  • Investors of more than USD500,000 under the Investor Occupation permit.
Four years
  • Spouse of a Mauritius citizen
Five years
  • Commonwealth citizens by registration
Six years
  • All other citizens by naturalization

Mauritius citizenship by investment / Golden visa

No direct, immediate Mauritius Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program exists. Be careful: there is a lot of misinformation about a “Mauritius Golden Visa” or “investment citizenship” online.

In short, in 2018 the government announced a CBI program. Under the proposal, the requirement was a USD1,000,000 non-refundable donation to a Development Fund.

But, parliament rejected the program, and the CBI program was never passed. Still, there is the possibility that parliament may pass the program in the future. However, at the moment, it is not a pathway to becoming a Mauritian citizen.

But, you can use the Mauritius Residency By Investment program to access citizenship by naturalization. This option is available to people who use the Investor Occupation Permit. And, if you have invested more than the equivalent of USD$500,000, you’ll shorten your qualifying period to two years.

For more Investment Visa options, please visit our detailed article.

Mauritius nationality benefits

The nation ranks highly on many best nationalities, the best second citizenship, and the best passport rankings. For many Expats, it is one of the best countries to live in the world.

You can pass your Mauritius nationality to your children

Nationality law follows parts of two principles of nationality.

  • The principle of Jus Soli (law of the soil)
  • The principle of Jus Sanguinis (law of blood).

Children born in Mauritius with a Mauritian parent are citizens of Mauritius.

Additionally, you can become a citizen by descent. Those born anywhere with one parent, a Mauritius citizen, can apply to become a citizen by registration.

So, most people born to a Mauritian citizens can become citizens, regardless of where they were born. This law means you may be able to pass your Mauritius nationality to your children.

Mauritius allows dual citizenship (in some cases)

Your right to hold dual citizenship depends on how you became a Mauritius national. The Citizenship Act has two categories for second citizenship.

If your citizenship is by birth, then you can have dual nationalities. An exception is if any other nationality options do not allow you dual nationalities. For example, Indian citizens would have to renounce their Indian nationality due to Indian law.

But, if your citizenship is by naturalization, then you’ll have to give up your existing nationalities. Renouncing your other citizenships must happen when you become a citizen. This means that Mauritius is not a great candidate for second citizenship for many people.

Mauritius is a global member in good standing

Mauritius is a stable democracy with strong civic institutions.

The Mauritius government has a history of constructive engagement with global institutions and trading partners. It is a member of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), and the African Union (AU).

Because of this, traveling on a Mauritius passport means immigration officials will welcome you into most places around the world.

Mauritius has a competitive tax regime.

As a Mauritius citizen, you can be registered in Mauritius for tax purposes. This registration allows you to benefit from Mauritius’ taxation requirements and treaties. You’ll normally need to be living in the country for at least 6 months of the year to benefit from the excellent tax rates.

Mauritian property and business investment

Mauritian nationality allows you to invest in any Mauritian property or business. Non-citizens have some restrictions around available investment opportunities. Access to financial services can also be simplified as a citizen and passport holder.

Access to a Mauritius Passport

See below for the benefits of the highly-ranked and powerful Mauritius passport.

Benefits of a Mauritius passport

Mauritius passport visa-free travel countries and territories

The powerful Mauritius passport offers visa-free access to 148 countries and territories. This reach includes these attractive and hard-to-access places:

  • SCHENGEN Area of Europe
  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • China
  • Japan
  • Turkey
  • Mexico
  • Thailand
  • Russia

How to get a Mauritius passport

To get a Mauritius passport, you must be a Mauritius citizen. This can be by:

  • Birth
  • Descent
  • Adoption
  • Registration
  • Naturalization

Anyone applying for a Mauritius passport needs to complete the application form and all required documentation. You’ll need an appointment with the authorities and must have 2 x standard passport photos for each applicant.

Application fees for a Mauritius passport are:

  • Adult applicant MUR 700 (around $18 USD)
  • Minor applicant MUR 400 (around $10 USD)
  • Seniors MUR 400 (around $10 USD)
  • For people with a disability MUR 400 (around $10 USD)

Mauritius nationality law

In March 1968 Mauritius achieved independence from Britain. As part of the independence process, several laws were passed.

Nationality is covered by Act 45 of 14 December 1968. The Mauritius Citizenship Act sets out the rights, responsibilities, and pathways for Mauritius nationality. Also, these are set out in the Mauritius Constitution articles 20 – 25.

The Prime Minister’s office, not the Department of Immigration, is responsible for assessing all applications.

A dream future for you and your children

The opportunity is there for you to lock in a dream future for you and your family. Becoming a Mauritian citizen means that you can live and work in this beautiful island nation.

Your children can also become citizens, and they’ll be able to enjoy to privileged childhood and quality, free education available. This makes for a great investment in their futures.

And, with a Mauritius passport, you’ll be able to travel easily around the world, including the SCHENGEN region and the USA.

With the options available to you, Mauritian nationality is more than a pipe dream. You can make it happen!


      1. Hi, my Ex-husband is a citizen of Mauritius and my daughter is 10 years old and she lives with me in different country she have Mauritius passport.Am I able to apply to be a citizen in Mauritius /do I qualify ??I only have been there 2-3 times for short periods.

        1. Hi Linda. Unfortunately there isn’t a clear path for you. You need to be married to a Mauritian citizen and living in the country for four years for Citizenship by Marriage. And, Mauritius doesn’t have a parent of citizen pathway. All the best, Alastair

  1. I have had a DNA test that shows my father was 100% Mauritian would I need to track him down to stand any chance of gaining a second citizenship in Mauritius. I have a British citizenship.

    1. Hi Wayne. If either of your parents has Mauritian nationality, you are eligible for citizenship. To get your citizenship, you’ll need to show documentation proving your claim. Unfortunately, the DNA test is not admissible. However, if you know your father’s name, date-of-birth, and place of birth you may be able to get a copy of his birth certificate without having to contact him.

        1. Hi Kossa. Yes, UK citizens can apply for Mauritius citizenship if they meet one of the standards. They also have accelerated naturalization as a Commonwealth citize. All the best, Alastair

      1. Good evening, I would like to resume my postgraduate studies (Master and doctorate degree) in Mauritius. I work as a teacher. I am originally Egyptian. I work in Abu Dhabi, capital of the UAE. If I complete the required years with student visa, will I be eligible to get a Mauritius passport? Thanks a lot and best regards.

        1. Yes, the Mauritius student visa does count towards the naturalization qualification time.

  2. I’m a US citizen, currently living in USA. But I want to get dual citizenship in Mauritius. What route should I take first?

    1. HI. You’ll need to find a qualifying path to citizenship. If you don’t have a family link then citizenship by naturalization is your best pathway.

    2. I want to move to Mauritius from Nigeria, can I get a high paying job??? I have 2 years experience in the banking sector

  3. Hi my mum is Mauritian by birth in 1947 but married a French man and immigrated to France in 1970. She now has a French passport. I want to have a Mauritian passport (I currently have a French passport as I was born there but we have lived in the UK since 1975). As my mum was born and bred in Mauritius can I apply for my Mauritian passport through descent, would I need my mum’s birth certificate to prove she was born in Mauritius?

    1. Hi Sabrina. It will depend on how your mother became Mauritian citizenship and if she renounced her citizenship. If she was Mauritian by birth and didn’t give up here citizenship, you should be able to apply for Mauritian citizenship, and from anywhere in the world. A Mauritian immigration lawyer will be able to assist with the exact requirements and with the application.

  4. Hello, I would like to follow the pathway of the Premium Visa for digital nomads to live in Mauritius and after 3 years apply for PR. As a Nigerian, if I do get to the point of applying for citizenship, do I have to denounce my Nigerian citizenship.

  5. Hi,
    Thanks for this information
    My question is, I have lived in Mauritius for 6 years now with a 10 months break in between but as a student. If I want to pursue permanent residence in Mauritius moving from a Student Permit, is it possible?

    1. Hi Vivian. Unfortunately, the Mauritius student visa is not a pathway to permanent residency. Our Mauritius immigration partners will be able to give you some idea of the best pathway for you. You can book a consultation here.

  6. Hi my father and all grandparents were born in Mauritius my father passed away but we have all his documents. I would like to apply for my Mauritian passport and move to Mauritius. Please can you advise me on the best way to start this process I am living in south Africa. Thank you. Also can my children apply for a Mauritian passport the same time as I do?

    1. Hi Corrine. As your father was born in Mauritius, you are a Mauritius citizen. As you are a Mauritian citizen by descent, not birth, your children may not be eligible for citizenship directly.

  7. Hi my grandparents were born in Mauritius, but my father in South Africa. Will I qualify for citizenship? Thànk you

    1. A US citizen can earn Maurtius citizenship by Naturalization. However, Mauritius does not allow dual citizenship for those who naturalise so you’d need to renounce your American citizenship.

  8. thanks for this really useful information. I have a small question, people with residence permit due to marrying a mauritian- can they apply for a shengen visa? and are they eligible to the same places as a mauritian passport would allow?
    not sure if that makes sense:) please let me know if you have any information 🙂
    thanks again and i understand if my question isnt relevant


    1. Hi Hieke. Although you are resident in Mauritius, your SCHENGEN status depends on your current nationality and passport. If you take Mauritius citizenship, you can then travel under Mauritian nationality. Regards, Alastair

  9. Hello
    I am a South African and i currently live in South Africa. However my grandfather was born in Mauritius and my Dad was born in South Africa. Would this help to apply to live in Mauritius and to get a Mauritian passport. I would like this to happen for my family. I know there is a Pierre Edmond Pulvenis that is related to me but i think he has since passed away. He was an author. Is there any way i could find out if he has passed away and if had any property etc… I look forward to hearing from you soonest. Kind regards
    Rene van der Westhuizen ( Pulvenis)

    1. Hi Rene. I’ve emailed you some information regarding locating your relative, as it is just for your information.

      On the citizenship: Generally, it is only the first generation of Mauritian-born parents ( who have not renounced their citizenship in Mauritius) who will be eligible to apply for citizenship in Mauritius. Therefore, in this case, you will not be eligible to apply for citizenship in Mauritius even though your father was born in South Africa and might have been granted Mauritian citizenship in Mauritius.

      There are still many options for South Africans to live and work in Mauritius and there are pathways to Mauritius citizenship and a passport.

      1. Hi

        My mum was born in Mauritius but moved to England as a teenager. I was born in England. My mum became a British citizen but I want to apply for a Mauritian passport as a descendant. Can I do that or does my mum need to reapply for her Mauritian passport first? Side note, my Nan still has her Mauritian passport.

        1. Hi Daniel. You don’t need a passport for proof of citizenship. If your mother was born in Mauritius and has her birth certificate, that should be proof of her citizenship. All the best, Alastair

  10. My is Hassan I am from Nigeria , I will like to relocate to Mauritius to gain a working and residential permit, pls how do I apply and what are the procedures to marry a maririus woman because I will like to start a family in Mauritius thank u

    1. Hi Argha. If you are living in Mauritius you have several pathways to citizenship. All the best, Alastair

  11. My niece would like to apply for a Mauritian passport. Her father was born in the UK , of Mauritian parents, but has not taken out a Mauritian passport. Can she apply for a Mauritian passport through her grandmother?

    1. Hi Steve. YOu can only apply for Mauritian citizenship by descent through a parent, and if you are still a minor. So, unfortunately, your niece will not qualify. She’ll need to explore other pathways to citizenship. As a commonwealth citizen, she will have accelerated citizenship by naturalization. All the best, Alastair

  12. Hi there!

    My father was born in Mauritius but moved to South Africa where he gained this South African citizenship through naturalization. He then went and got his Mauritian citizenship back as he plans on retiring there. I would like to know if I qualify for my citizenship by descent from my father. I am currently 26 – not a minor – so will that be an issue?

    Thank you very much.

      1. hello am a Zambian citizen how can I apply for a job as a preschool teacher

        I have a diploma, but I have always wanted to work in Mauritius.
        what are the requirements please help.

  13. Good day, My father was born in Mauritius and many years later moved to South Africa, citizen changed to a south African. I was born in south Africa. He is deceased , I am now 41 years old, would I be eligible still for a passport from decent?

    1. Hi Chantal. Unfortunately, you can only apply for citizenship by descent as a minor – so before your 18th birthday. This means you won’t be able to get Mauritius citizenship by descent through your father. There are several other pathways to Mauritius residency and citizenship. Our Mauritius partner will be happy to help you explore your best options. All the best, Alastair

  14. I want to move to Mauritius from Nigeria, how’s the job market like? I have 2 year experience in banking

  15. Hey guys and girls, quick question regarding getting the passport. I am in South Africa and I have my Mauritian ID already but when apply for my Mauritian passport I just want to know if I need to get my criminal record when applying (my record is clean but I don’t want to wait for it if I don’t have to)

    Kind Regards

    1. HI Matthew. Each citizenship pathway has its own application process. All the best, Alastair

  16. I am Nigeria but a student in Mauritius but I just put to bed in Mauritius .can I and my family apply for citizenship

    1. Hi. Nigeria is part of the Commonwealth, and so you’ll qualify for Mauritius citizenship in five years. Your time in Mauritius on a student visa will count towards your qualification. Regards, Alastair

  17. I am en Italian expat living in Mauritius as Self Employed since 2012. I intend to apply for citizenship. I have two adult sons living in the UK. If I get citizenship and buy a house on the local market, will my British sons be able to inherit it? and in that case what can they do with it? rent it out? sell it?

  18. Hi there
    I am wanting to move to Mauritius.
    My mom was born there and i was born here in South Africa. What paperwork do i need to use to apply for citizenship or naturalisation.
    I have most paperwork but not sure what who ot where to go to do this.
    I am thinking getting that as then i automatically would get a passport.


  19. Hi I have managed to trace my ancestry back as far as my Great Great Grandad who was born in Mauritius ( I have his birth certificate ) and came to the UK. I am a UK resident but would like to explore the prospect of having dual nationality. Is this possible based on my ancestry paper trail and if so who should I contact

  20. Hi am 22yrs From Nigeria ,. I was adopted by my Mauritius parents, is it possible for me to get citizenship by adoption?

  21. Hi,

    Stumbled across this article when looking for info on 2nd gen descent(which I understand is not applicable). I do note however that its mentioned in this article that you must apply when child is a minor, which I believe to be inaccurate. Im a mauritian descendant (mother born in mauritius, myself in England to English father) and I obtained my National ID card (citizenship) in Mauritius in 2019. Was a bit of a long back and forth process between goverment office and prime minster office. My mother was present aswell and was able to show all her documentation with mine and was all sorted within the 2 weeks holiday.

    Mauritian govt website states:

    A person born outside Mauritius is a citizen of Mauritius under section 20(3) and 23 of the Constitution if either of his parents is a citizen of Mauritius by birth.”

    Couldn’t see anything about having to be a minor. Hope this helps anyone else browsing.

  22. I’m married in Mauritius for 11 years now but have been in and out coz of my husband work. I want to become a Mauritian citizen?

      1. If For example I am Brazilian, if I apply to get Mauritius passport would I lose my nationality or my Brazilian passport?

  23. Hi,
    I was born in Northern Rhodesia in 1963 with a ID and stayed there for a few months after my birth. I moved with my parents to South Africa in 1964 and become a nationalized SA Citizen in 1967. Can I apply for Mauritius citizenship and a passport? Thanks Lea-Anne

  24. Hi.

    After reading through some of these comments I was struggling to find what I was looking for or a situation as mine.

    My father recently got his Mauritian Citizenship and I was wondering if it were possible for his children, no matter their age, to get a Mauritian Passport? (Also do you get Citizenship first then passport?)

    We live in South Africa

  25. I gained Mauritian citizenship and am the holder of a Mauritius passport as a result of my mother being born in Mauritius. my question is – are my adult children able to get a Mauritian passport or citizenship as I am a Mauritian Citizen but i was not born here

  26. Hello Alistair, I have an expired Mauritius passport from childhood as my late father was Mauritian but I was born in uk to English mother and obviously have my uk passport . Can I renew my Mauritius passport easily ?

  27. Good day
    I gave birth in Mauritius as a foreigner while on vacation. Will my child be a citizen of Mauritius? and can I be able to travel out there at a month after birth as my tourist status has expired.

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