A view of Lisbon where many with the Portugal D7 Visa choose to live.

The Portugal D7 Visa, or Portugal passive income visa, is an excellent option for any non-EU citizen looking to live in Portugal. It is also often used as a Portugal retirement visa. To qualify, you must show that you have reasonable passive income to support yourself. We’ll show you how to successfully apply for this popular Portuguese residency permit.

What is the Portugal D7 Visa?

  • The D7 Visa provides long-term Portuguese residency status.
  • It is a Passive Income Visa – you must show you have a minimum passive income and resources to provide for yourself during your stay. Please see the D7 financial minimums below.
  • The Portuguese government introduced the visa in 2007 to give you the right to live, work, and study in Portugal.
  • It is an excellent Portugal retirement visa option for anyone looking to retire in Portugal.
  • After five years, it is a pathway to Portuguese citizenship and an EU passport.

Who is eligible for the D7 Passive Income visa?

  • This Portugal passive income visa program is open to non-EU, EEA, or Swiss citizens; there are no restricted countries. EU, EEA, or Swiss citizens can live in Portugal without a visa but must register.
  • Those able to meet the financial requirements (detailed below.)
  • People willing to live in Portugal for at least four to six months per year.
  • People who have no disqualifying crimes on their criminal record.
  • Retirees can use the D7 as a retirement visa.

Note: You can include dependent family members on your application.

2024 Portugal D7 visa income requirements

  • Lead applicant – €9,840 a year.
  • Dependent adults – €4,920 a year each (50% of the minimum wage).
  • Dependent children – €23,952 a year per child (30% of the minimum wage).

The minimum passive income required to obtain Portuguese residency with the D7 Visa is based on the minimum wage set by the Portuguese government. In December 2023, the Portuguese government increased the 2024 minimum wage from €760 to €820, an increase of €60 per month.

Sources: Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) & our recommended Portuguese D7 Expert Immigration Lawyer.

Expert D7 Visa Immigration Lawyer Advice on 2023 financial requirements

Important: Remember, SEF looks at the entire application when deciding to approve or reject. So, if your application is strong in one area, that may offset a weakness. Our recommended Portugal D7 Expert Immigration Partners have successfully managed many applications globally and understand where there is flexibility. They base their advice on many years of experience with the consulate’s interpretation of the financial requirements.

1. Consulates can interpret the guidelines differently.

The same application may be approved in one consulate and rejected in another. Individual embassies interpret the financial requirement differently. These complexities mean getting quality advice can save you an unnecessary rejection.

2. Our partner recommends depositing the minimum income amount into a Portuguese bank account for every D7 application.

Opening a bank account in Portugal and making a transfer before your application is strongly recommended. While increasing the deposited amount helps, there isn’t a magic minimum to guarantee a successful application. The total income requirement for everyone included in your application is the absolute minimum amount you should transfer to your bank account. Again, our partner can assess your entire application and guide you on the best chance of success.

3. All evidence of financial support helps your overall application.

You should include evidence of all sources of qualifying income on your application. Importantly, the embassy will look at your situation as a whole, and every little bit helps. Your income, savings, and motivation letter will help to achieve the right outcome.

Individual Embassies interpret the standards differently. These complexities mean getting quality advice can save you an unnecessary rejection.

Important D7 2024 financial requirement considerations

  • People on the same application can pool their income. For example, a husband and wife have a pension income of €7,500 each, making €15,000 in total. Although neither reaches the €9,840, their cumulative income exceeds the €14,760 for a joint application (€9,840 + €4,920).
  • You should show a minimum of three months of historical income.

Acceptable income sources for the Portugal D7 visa

There are many sources you can use to show D7 income. You’ll need evidence that the income is stable and will continue for the life of the visa. Again, specific embassies do make exceptions in some cases.

  • A retiree pension (as a Portugal visa for retirees).
  • Annuity.
  • Rental income.
  • Trust fund disbursement.
  • Dividends from shares or a business (you don’t actively manage).
  • Royalties or other intellectual property income. This includes app development income from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  • Interest from savings.
  • Other regular investment income.

NOTE: Income from professional employment, including remote and freelance, will generally not be considered. However, there is no restriction on employment once you have your temporary residency permit. If you are working, the Portugal Digital Nomad visa may be a better option.

Using savings

Having substantial savings will help to support your case. However, it always helps to show some form of regular income, like a pension or investment.

You should always aim to transfer at least the minimum income requirement to a Portuguese bank account in your name.

Pretty buildings in Lisbon, where most Portugal D7 visa holders live.
Pretty buildings in Lisbon, where most Portugal D7 visa holders live.

Residency Requirement for the Portugal D7 Visa

As a D7 visa resident, there is a “minimum stay” time you must be in Portugal.

Visa StageVisa ValidityRequired Minimum Stay
Initial D7 Visa2 YearsMinimum 16 months. No continuous absence longer than 6 months.
D7 Renewal3 YearsMinimum 28 months. No continuous absence longer than 6 months.
Minimum Stay Residency Requirement for the Portugal D7 Passive Income Visa

Is there any wiggle room on this? The exact quote from the SEF website is, “Notwithstanding applicable special provisions, residence authorization may also be canceled if the interested party, without justifiable grounds, is absent…”. There is room for exceptions, but you should have a good reason for your absence and use a good immigration lawyer to submit your exception request.

How to get your D7 residency in Portugal

There are six steps to complete the process. You will start in your home country’s Portuguese Embassy and receive your resident card in Portugal.

  1. Obtain a Portuguese bank account to allow for the transfer of funds. Sufficient funds depend on minimum income requirements.
  2. Apply for a temporary Portuguese residence permit or D7 visa at your nearest Portuguese consulate or embassy. You cannot apply if you are in Portugal.
  3. Once your visa has been granted, you have 120 days (4 months) to move to Portugal.
  4. At this point, you should have a rental agreement or buy a property to give you a Portuguese residential address. You do need proof of adequate accommodation in Portugal. Our partner has had a request to use a campsite to meet the property requirement. While there is no direct restriction on campsites, our partner recommended against proceeding as it would weaken the overall application.
  5. Request and attend an interview with Servicio De Extrangeiros e Fronteiras or SEF (the Portugal Immigration & Border Service).
  6. SEF will issue your D7 temporary residency permit; this type of permit is valid for one year.

Documents for your Portugal D7 visa application

You’ll need the following documentation as well as evidence of your financial status. You may provide other documents depending on your circumstances and the embassy you apply to.

At the Portuguese embassy/Portuguese consulate in your home country

  1. Portugal D7 application form.
  2. A personal letter with information to support your case.
  3. Proof of income (bank statements, financial investment certificate, etc.).
  4. Proof of accommodation.
  5. Copy of your passport.
  6. Two passport photos.
An example of the official Portugal D7 Visa application form
An example of the official Portugal D7 Visa application form

At the SEF appointment in Portugal

  • A valid Health Insurance policy until your temporary residence permit is granted. This could be an Expat health insurance coverage policy, a Private Health Insurance Policy, or a Travel Insurance Policy. If you are looking at long-term private health coverage, we recommend using our recommended Expat Health Insurance brokers as an easy way to get the best quotes for your situation.
  • Police records and a criminal record certificate from your home country.
  • SEF authorization to check if you have a clean criminal record in Portugal.

Note: You should provide certified translations of documents not in Portuguese.

Make sure you include all the correct documents. If you apply with incorrect or missing documents, you will be delayed or rejected.

We have done a lot of research, assessed, and trialed several immigration lawyers for you. We have partnered with a company that has helped loads of our clients and received great feedback from them. You can book an initial consultation with them to decide if you are eligible and what documentation you need for your D7 Visa.

Portuguese D7 visa fees

The exact fee depends on the embassy you apply to. If you budget €80 to €100 for the visas and the same for the residence permit, you’ll have some change left over.

How long does the application process take?

The two parts are processed separately. In total, it can take up to four months to complete the process. This time excludes the gap between the visa approval and your move to Portugal for the SEF meeting.

  • Portuguese consulate application processing – four to eight weeks.
  • SEF residence permit – six to twelve weeks.

Appointment availability and the processing time can be longer in Porto and Lisbon.

How long is the Portugal D7 visa valid?

Portugal recently changed the D7 residence permit period, and many web pages still show the old information.

  • The D7 residence permit is issued for two years.
  • After that, you can extend for three years if you still meet the D7 requirements. There is no restriction on how many times you can renew. However, it’s not a permanent residence permit. You’ll have to apply for permanent residency in Portugal separately.
  • After five years (2 + 3) of legal residence, you can qualify for a Portugal permanent residency (PR) to become a Portuguese citizen. Once you have a permanent residence permit, you no longer need to meet the Portugal d7 visa conditions.


  • After five years of legal residence, you can apply for Portuguese citizenship naturalization. Through this process, you can become a Portuguese citizen.

Portugal D7 visa renewal process

You can renew your visa in Portugal through Immigration and Border Services (SEF).

You’ll need to show that you:

  • Met the conditions of your existing residence permit and still qualify for the D7 visa.
  • Have qualifying accommodation (own a home or have a rental agreement).
  • Have a clean criminal record.

You get some great benefits with the D7 visa

  • As a D7 permit holder, you can live and work in Portugal.
  • Access to Portugal’s excellent public healthcare system coverage. Once you have your residence permit, you’ll need to register with the National Health Service (SNS).
  • You have entry and freedom of travel in the SCHENGEN area and 27 European Union nations..
  • You can get a Portuguese tax number (NIF).
  • You are entitled to access Portugal’s excellent education system.
  • Additional members of a family can be included on your residence permit.
  • Transferring to another immigration permit while living in Portugal is allowed.
  • There is no Portuguese language test when applying.
  • Travel to EU and SCHENEGEN countries without a tourist visa.

As you can see, there are crucial differences between this program and Spain’s non-lucrative visa.

Portugal Retirement Visa

The Portugal D7 visa is the best visa for many retirees. If you want to retire to Portugal, this may be the best option. Many retirees have a qualifying passive income, like a pension or annuity, which makes this a good option. However, if you plan to purchase a home for your retirement, the Portugal Golden Visa may be a better option.

Can I work on the Portugal D7 visa?

Yes, you can work in Portugal on a passive income visa. This makes Portugal one of the easiest European countries to move to without a job offer.

However, generally that foreign income won’t count when you apply or renew. Our partner has handled cases where embassies have approved remote or foreign employment pay, but this is not standard.

If you have a passive income stream available, the D7 is a great option for:

  • Remote workers and those with a remote job.
  • An Independent professional.
  • Freelancers.
  • Digital nomads.
  • Location-independent business owners.
  • Crypto traders and investors.

You can also accept a job in Portugal. You’ll need to understand the implications of where you pay taxes; we’d suggest chatting with a cross-border tax specialist about your specific circumstances. This may be less of a concern if you are retired and use the D7 as a Portugal retirement visa.

What family can you include under the D7 program?

You can add dependent family members.

  • A spouse or de facto (Portugal does recognize same-sex marriages).
  • Minor children.
  • Parents of the applicant or the applicant’s spouse, if they are dependent on you.

Remember, you’ll need to prove you have the resources to cover any dependents. If they have any income, you can combine it on your application.

If you are already living in Portugal with a D7 residence permit, you can request family reunification for direct members of the family.

You can transfer to another residence permit.

Once in Portugal, you can transfer your D7 residence permit to any other program. You’ll need to apply for your new Portugal residence permit or visa in the standard way. The process and application depend on your new visa or residence permit.

D7 vs. Portuguese Residency by Investment (Portugal Golden Visa)

Portugal has a residency by investment program, often called the Golden Visa. This program is a pathway to Portuguese citizenship.

There are three significant differences to consider.

  1. You’ll need to invest a minimum of €280,000 to qualify for the residency by investment program.
  2. You only have to visit Portugal for one week per year to maintain your Portuguese residence permit. This makes it an excellent “Plan B” while remaining in your home country.
  3. The Golden Visa application cost is significantly higher than the D7.

The D7 is the most common visa for retiring in Portugal, with many advantages. The Golden Visa may be better for retired foreign citizens looking to invest in Portugal. Learn all about Portugal’s Golden Visa in our article.

Next steps for your Portugal D7 Visa

What are your next steps if you meet the minimum income requirements?

  1. Identify the correct embassy for your application and start gathering all available documentation.
  2. Ensure you have accurate translations and certified copies.
  3. Remember that all aspects of the application are considered together, so you’ll want to ensure yours is perfect to avoid disappointment.
Local Portugal Embassy or Consulate where all intial D7 applications must be submitted.
Portugal Embassy

Our immigration partner offers a no-obligation consultation for Where Can I Live readers. In the consultation, you’ll meet with a D7 expert who will:

  • Take the time to understand your situation and needs.
  • Make sure that this is the correct visa for you, and if not, recommend the easiest path to Portugal residency.
  • Outline the steps you should take and the documentation to collect.
  • Provide a transparent quote on managing your application to completion.

D7 Visa Portugal FAQ from Where Can I Live

What is the Portugal D7 Visa?

The D7 Visa Portugal is a popular residence visa option for non-EU citizens looking to live in Portugal for more than six months on their own income. It allows you to enter Portugal to apply for legal residency.

Who is eligible for a Portugal D7 visa?

Any non-EU citizen who meets the Portugal D7 visa requirements can apply and, if successful, enter Portugal. No countries or citizens are excluded from the D7 visa program. Members of the EU and some other countries like the US can enter Portugal visa-free, but only for a limited time.

Is there an age limit for the Portugal D7 visa?

The primary applicant must be over 18 years old, but there is no upper age limit.

Can retirees use the D7 Visa to retire in Portugal?

Yes, the D7 visa is an excellent option for anyone looking to retire in Portugal.

Can I include family members on a D7 visa application?

Yes, you can include dependent members of your family on your D7 visa application. Qualifying members include your spouse or de facto partner, minor children, parents, and parents-in-law. You can request family reunification for direct members of the family if you are currently living in Portugal with a D7 residence permit.

Can I move to Portugal after Brexit?

Yes, the D7 visa in Portugal is a popular option for UK citizens moving to Portugal after BREXIT.

What are the benefits of the D7 visa?

You can live, work, or study in Portugal. You have access to Portugal’s healthcare and education systems. The D7 visa has no restriction on working, either remotely or in Portugal. You have freedom of movement (visa-free access) in the SCHENGEN area and the 26 European Union Countries. It is a pathway to obtaining citizenship in Portugal or a permanent residence (PR) permit.

How to get the D7 Passive Income Visa?

There are two steps. 1) Apply for the visa in your home country, and 2) meet with SEF in Portugal to complete your long-term residency visa application.

Do I need a lawyer for my D7 visa application?

No, but using an excellent Portuguese Immigration lawyer will save you time and money.

What are the D7 Visa requirements in 2024?

You must meet the D7 financial requirements for 2024, live in Portugal for at least six months per year, and have a clean criminal record.

What are the D7 visa Portugal income requirements in 2024?

The 2024 minimum income requirement for a D7 visa is €9,840 a year for the primary applicant. You’ll need an additional €4,920 for dependent adults and €2,952 for each dependent child.

How much do I need as a bank balance for the D7 Portugal visa?

You should deposit the equivalent of the D7 minimum income requirement into a Portuguese bank account before submitting your application. You will have to provide bank statements with sufficient funds as proof of income.

Can I apply for a D7 visa in Portugal using savings?

Yes, but you should get advice from a qualified D7 expert Portuguese immigration lawyer to prepare a successful application.

What are the D7 visa Portugal health insurance requirements?

You must have health insurance (travel, private, or Expat) for your initial trip to Portugal. Once you are living in Portugal, private healthcare is recommended for many Expats.

What are the D7 application process and fees?

For the first appointment at the Portuguese consulate, you should have your D7 visa application form, a personal motivation letter, proof of income and savings, plus a copy of your passport. The D7 Visa Portugal application fee varies depending on the Portuguese consulate you visit, but you should budget from €80 to €100.

How much does it cost to apply for a D7 Visa?

The SEF fee for issuing your D7 visa in Portugal will be €80 to €100. In addition, the budget is the same for your residence permit in Portugal.

How long can you stay in Portugal with a D7 Visa?

You can stay in Portugal for two years on your D7 visa. After that, you can extend your residency for three years as often as you like. For permanent residency, you need to legally live in Portugal for five years.

Can you renew a D7 Visa?

Yes, you can renew your Portugal D7 visa after the initial two-year period. The visa can be renewed for unlimited three-year periods if you still meet the D7 visa requirements.

What are the D7 visa Portugal residency requirements?

For the residence permit renewal, you must be living in Portugal, and there are minimum times you must be in the country. You can leave for up to six months or eight months if there are separate trips.

How long does it take to get a D7 Visa in Portugal?

There are two parts to your D7 visa application process. In total, it can take up to four months, excluding the time it takes you to move to Portugal.

Can you work in Portugal with a D7 Visa?

Yes, there are no restrictions on working in Portugal on the D7 visa. You can work for a Portuguese company, remotely for an international company, freelance, or as a self-employed person. But if you are looking to purchase a home for your retirement, the Portugal Golden Visa may be a better option.

Can I work remotely for a foreign company on a D7 visa?

Yes, you can work remotely as an employee of a foreign country living in Portugal on a D7 visa.

Can freelancers apply for a D7 Visa?

Yes, there is no restriction on Freelance work on the D7 visa, either for Portuguese or international clients. However, the Portugal Digital Nomad Visa may be a better option.

Is the D7 visa a good option for Crypto traders?

Yes, Portugal is one of the best countries for Crypto traders, and the D7 visa is an excellent choice.

Is the D7 visa a good option for Digital Nomads?

Yes, there is no restriction for self-employed work on the D7 visa. However, Portugal’s new Digital Nomad Visa may be a better option.

What is the D7 visa Portugal official website (SEF)?

The Portuguese Immigration and Borders service department is SFE – this is their website: https://imigrante.sef.pt/en/.

Appendix A: Relevant Portuguese Legislation

  • Article 58, paragraph 1 of Law no. 23/2007 of July 4
  • Article 24 d) of Regulatory Decree no. 84/2007 of November 5

The two statutes detail the benefits, restrictions, and requirements of the Portugal retirement visa, Portugal Passive Income Visa, and D7 Visa Portugal.


  1. Hi,
    I can not see a field in the d7 application form that allows the details of the spouse. My wife has an pension well above the 100% minimum wage, whereas I have an pension above the 50% minimum (but not quite to the 100% level). How are our applications linked?
    Many thanks

    1. Am I allowed to work in Portugal on a d7 visa ?
      Yes I have my passive income and everything but for example am I allowed to work in A company in Portugal as a manager or accountant?

    1. There is no restriction on working in Portugal on the D7 visa, as long as you can show consistent income to meet the requirements. All the best, Alastair

      1. Hi Alastair, could I use the gains from my crypto portfolio to support the passive income requirement? I also have traditional investments but would like to include my crypto portfolio since I have a large amount of money invested there.

        1. Hi Nancy. I’ve just raised this with our partner. Their advice is that Portuguese consulates are still hesitant to recognize Crypto assets and income in applications at present. They’d be happy to assist with your application and see how your specific assets and incomes can be best presented to ensure a first-time approval. Please click here to book your D7 consultation. All the best, Alastair

    1. HI Alber – Yes, you need qualifying health insurance for your D7 visa application. However, it should not cost that much unless you have some serious pre-existing conditions!!! Check out our guide to Expat Health Insurance to find the right cover at the right cost. All the best, Alastair

  2. Hi Alistair,
    Great guide. I’ve got a question for you: how can a freelancer apply for this visa if the requirement is that your income must come from a business that you don’t manage? So basically, I need to prove I get passive income, which isn’t really true. Is this an issue for the application?

    1. Hi Alastair, can one use savings to prove being able to support one’s family for the year, if the savings are more than the annual amount of the minimum wage mentioned? Any idea about this, or can savings only be used to further your case? My hope would be to find a job in Portugal at an international school once arriving.
      Thanks for the conclusive article.

      1. Hi Darryl. Yes, just savings can be accepted in some cases – please chat to our D7 Expert partners who’ll be best placed to assist with a successful application. And, yes, the D7 allows you to legally work in Portugal. All the best, Alastair

  3. Great article! I was looking for information on D7 and this is one of the best I have read. lots of good information and enough clear details. Thank you!!!

    1. Hi John. Anecdotally, some consulates may accept a B&B booking with some applications, but it can be risky. Our partner, who has many successful applications from around the world, prefers either:
      a) A rental contract; or,
      b) An invitation letter issued by a Portuguese citizen who is responsible for the lodging of the visa applicant, even if for a period of time so that he may arrange his own lodging when he arrives in Portugal (some embassies do not accept this).
      All the best, Alastair

      1. Is the place of residence (rental agt) provided with the visa application or after the application has been approved?

        There seems to be some confusion wrt this step since other sites (including the Portuguese consulate) states that proof of residence is provided with the application.

          1. Hi Alastair – Good article BTW.
            This is one outstanding piece i need to resolve before my application goes in to the embassy in London next month. When I investigate the proof of rental accommodation, most sites / advice seem to say ‘minimum 12 rental agreement’ required for the application stage.
            Do you have knowledge of people being accepted at the application stage with maybe an AirBnB or Flatio short term reservation ? I really dont want to commit to a 12 month rental without knowing if i will be accepted – any advice ?
            Cheers Neale

          2. Hi Alastair

            I plan to firstly live on a campsite until I get my visa then I will buy property, is a campsite acceptable, provided I get a letter confirming I live there

          3. Hi Chris – I’ve asked our D7 expert partner and this was their response: “We haven’t yet assisted with an application that had a campsite as proof of accommodation – nonetheless, there is no clear indication that it wouldn’t be accepted… However, our official position is that we don’t recommend it.” All the best, Alastair

  4. Hi, which consultant firms can you recommend to help with the D7 visa application. I am based in South Africa

  5. Can distributions from an IRA be considered “income” for the D7? Technically the IRA is just another pot of money, like a savings account, but cash distributions from it can be set up as monthly deposits to a local bank. My Social Security income is only $1300/month but I have nearly half a million USD in cash assets. How literally is “income” defined? I’m concerned that my SS income may be deemed insufficient. Thanks.

    1. Hi Brad. Income from investments are eligible for the D7 visa, and with your overall situation you should be eligible. I’d suggest a chat with our Portugal partner to frame your financial position in the best way possible for a successful application. All the best, Alastair

  6. I had misdemeanor conviction in 1973 was told it was expunged
    But showed up on my global entry application
    Global Entry was initially denied , but I appealed and it was granted
    Will this effect visa process?

  7. Regarding the recommended min income of €12,000/yr, do they require that for the term of the visa (2 years initial and 3 years renewal) or for the rest of my life? I have a small pension from work, but if combined with an IRA and a saving account, I can cover the recommended D7 visa amount for 5 years but not much more. So wonder if I’d be qualified? Thank you for the informative article.

      1. Hello Alastair,

        Just want to clear a couple of details. 1. Given the initial visa period is for one year, does this mean we should have an adequate balance (for husband and wife) of 2 years times the amount suggested for one year? IE. about 24,000 Euro? and 2. I’m not clear on the apartment rental agreement timing because I thought I understood that part can wait until the temporary visa is issued and one has arrived to Portugal. Then, it will be possible to negotiate a rental in-person to have for the appointment there in Portugal. The reason I am confused on this though is because I saw it mentioned several times that it varies by consulate as to accepting alternatives such as a letter or an AirBnB. So, if it varies by consulate doesn’t that mean we need to have the accommodation before coming to the consulate in our home country? Who is going to sign a rental agreement with someone who isn’t even in the country and who doesn’t have a firm idea of when the contract will actually begin?


        1. Hi Eric. I suggest meeting with our Portugal immigration law partners. They’ve had lots of experience with the accommodation requirements and have several strategies to meet the consulate’s standard. All the best, Alastar

    1. Great article. Question: are you a Portuguese tax resident under this D7 visa? In other words you are tax in Portugal and not your home country for all earnings? I would prefer to be taxed in my home country and work as a freelancer in Portugal – how is this possible please?

    1. If you meet the requirements for the D7 visa then you can apply. If you are unsure of any of the details, please book a consultation with our expert Portugal immigration partner and they’ll be happy to assist with your application. All the best, Alastair

    1. Hi Ayman. SEF (the Portuguese immigration service) will want a convincing set of documents. Proof of ownership, bank statements, rental contracts, a report from your rental agency, tax receipts, etc could all be used as evidence. Our Portugal partner will be happy to help you choose the right approach to ensure your application is accepted. Best regards, Alastair

  8. Hi,
    If I have 12000 Euros only and apply for the visa and wont get any more money, will that be able to hold me just for that amount of the visa? So, 4 months? Or is the visa 12 months?

  9. Great article. Are there any restrictions on where you can purchase your home in Portugal with a D7? Can you purchase in areas which will be off limits to Golden Visa applicants after Jan 1, 2021?

    Thanks so much!!!


    1. Hi Mohsen. To meet the income requirement from savings account interest you’d need to earn 12% per annum on €100,000. While having savings can help your application, you should be able to show some steady income from a reliable source. Given current interest rates, a fixed-interest account may not be sufficient at present. Our Portugal partner will be happy to discuss your best way to approach the application. All the best, Alastair

  10. Thanks dear Alastair,

    I want to hire the lawer to proceed for d7. Can you introduce me one good one. And how much is the cost for lawer?

  11. Hi Alastair

    What is the equivalent of €12,000 to the US dollar?
    I live of social security income that totals $15,300 a year, is this income enough to apply for D7 visa? Your response is appreciated. Thanks

  12. Hi Alastair. Can I settle my family in Portugal on D7 while financially supporting them from my active employment abroad? I will not be able to reside in Portugal so in this case my spouse will be the primary applicant.

  13. Thanks for your meaningful description. I have spouse and 2 years child. But i don’t want to take them now. I want to take them after permanent residency. Can I apply D7 visa only for myself? I have required passive income from rental income and government savings certificate.

    1. Hi Yeasin. Yes, you can apply for the D7 visa for yourself and move to Portugal. Once you are resident, your family can also use a family reunification permit to move to Portugal. All the best, Alastair

  14. Hi Alastair

    Thanks for the article.

    I have the documentation ready to go for both myself and my wife (we’re both applying separately because we both have the income) but we also have a 5-year old son who’s a dependent.

    My big concern is: How would my child be able to travel to Portugal with us on our 4-month D7? Should we get a Schengen visa for him?

    Thanks for answering

    1. Hi Roger. Dependent children can be included on your D7 application. You’ll need to show increased income level s(as per the article). Our partner will be happy to assist you with the application preparation. All the best, Alastair

  15. I would like to apply for D7 visa at Portugal but I have a question about the source of passive income.
    Can it be come from rental income in Portugal? or is it limited to overseas income?
    By the way, I would like to clarify the stay requirement of D7 visa. Shall I count from 1st January of every year or the issue date of residence card?

    1. Hi Shih. Rental income can be from property in Portugal – our partner will be able to help you complete your application to ensure success. The residency requirement is for the residency permit period. All the best, Alastair

  16. Hi, looking to apply for the D7 visa but want to check on the private medical insurance. How long do you need to keep this in place? I see that the general policy is always valid for 1 year but is expensive and would eat into available income. Do you have to keep the private medical insurance in place for life, for the first year or for the full 5 years until residency is confirmed?

      1. My understanding was that after the residency is granted the applicant can get access to the National Health Care, thus private health insurance is no longer needed. Is it not so?

  17. I am only 59 years of age and was looking to start the retirement process. I wanted to reside in Portugal I just recently sold my home and have $100K plus in Saving and I currently work as a consultant working remotely. So I can work anywhere in the world. Do we have an option for someone like myself that has income from employment and considerable savings for verification.? Please advise because I can place funds in an account to meet the requirements for a couple of years $12,000 x 3 or $36,000. Thank You for your time

  18. Very clear article. Thank you! I am hoping to retire to the Azores, not Portugal itself. (From the US.) Is the process the same?

  19. My question is would I be able to apply for the d7 in my home country ( Canada) without a rental agreement? I want to buy a flat there once the visa is approved so dont want to waste money on a 6-12 month lease. Is this possible? I am thinking if you have to show proof of residence prior to going to Portugal or when you get to your SEF appointment in Portugal. If its when you have your SEF appointment then that maybe enough time to purchase something while waiting for the appointment.

  20. How do i show my income from crypto trading ? what proof they require >? i keep my earing on crypto exchange i do not withdrawal on monthly basis mostly i reinvest ? please advise


  21. Dear Alastair
    thanks for your valuable comment and your replies.

    I wanted to know – if I can accept a job offer from Germany and continue to work from Portugal under D7 visa.
    Please do let me know.

    1. Hi Vijay. One of the advantages of the D7 visa is that you can work in Portugal, either for a Portuguese or foreign employer. You must still meet the D7 residency requirements to renew your visa. All the best, Alastair

  22. Hi,
    I’m from the UK. I work as a freelancer but sometimes I need to attend a site to carry out inspections. This can range from a few days yo a few weeks. The sites are always within the EU. Can I still apply for the D7 visa?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Ali. On a D7 visa you can freely travel around the EU from Portugal. And, there are no restrictions on working in Portugal (either as a freelancer or as an employee) while on the D7. YOu’ll need to spend 183 days per year in Portugal to qualify for the renewal of your visa. Our D7 Immigration Law partner will be best placed to assist with your application – click the link for your no-obligation consultation. All the best, Alastair

      1. D7 was always visa for passive income. Are there any official legal documents that something has changed and now it works for freelancers?

  23. Hi Alastair. So just to confirm, if your source of income is from work you wouldn’t be eligible for the D7 Visa? Myself and my partner are UK citizens but we were hoping to move to Portugal for a year or two as my job (for an international company) allows me to work wherever. Is there any visa we would qualify for?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. Hi Phil. The D7 needs a source of passive income (embassies have been rejecting applications based on Remote Work income), although once you qualify there is no restriction on Remote Work. We cover a range of Portugal Visas and Residence permits in our Moving to Portugal Guide – I’d suggest checking that out to see if there are any you qualify for. Alternatively, check out our Remote Work visa guide for some other ideas. All the best, Alastair

  24. Hi Alastair,

    My husband and I are under retirement age, but my mother who lives with us, has a regular monthly pension of £1,300. We would have savings of approx £250,000 after our house sale.

    Is this enough to grant us all the D7 visa? Could we be classed as mums dependants? as my husband and I would only have the savings of our house sale.

    Thanks for your help Ali…


    1. Hi Julie. The £1,300 pension will come in under the recommended €22,000 (€12,000 + 2 x €5,000) but is offset by the £250,000 you’ll have in savings from the sale of your property. Parents can apply for dependent adult children, or finances can be pooled. A chat with or D7 expert partner would be the best for you to come up with a successful application approach. All the best, Alastair

  25. Hi Alastair,

    I already booked a consultant but I wanted to ask you too. Will a high enough salary from employer outside Portugal help with getting the D7 visa if I don’t have passive income? Specifically $7000/month gross. And have savings to cover the 2 year period.

    1. Hi Alok. Generally income from employment is not accepted for the D7 application. Best to discuss this in your consultation as the lawyers will give you the best advice on how to proceed. All the best, Alastair

  26. Hello
    As an Iranian retired family of two persons, I would like to get this kind of Visa. I am 58 and my wife is 56. Please send me some more information including the process period and the expenses. Best regards Ho. Man

    1. Hi – The processing time is variable, and does depend on the embassy/consulate where you are submitting the application. And, the pricing will depend on the number of people on the application and the services that you want from the lawyer. Our D7 expert partner in Portugal often package the following services for clients:

      • Obtaining a Taxpayer Number (remotely)
      • Tax representation during the first year
      • Opening of the bank account in Portugal – in the candidate’s personal name (remotely)
      • Visa application – at the Portuguese Consulate in your country of origin or the country where you legally reside
      • Residence Permit procedure with the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service

      You can book a no-obligation consultation with our Portuguese immigration law partner here – they’ll give you detailed information on pricing for the serives you require + an estimate time for the visa issue given your situation. All the best, Alastair

  27. Hi my husband and I would like to retire to Portugal I have already retired and have a pension of £842.00 per month my husband is younger so will not get his state pension until 2024 but has a private pension of £370.00 per month so we have a total of£1212.00 income is this enough to get a D7 visa we own two properties in the UK so should end up with approx £450000 to £500.000 once they are sold but dont want to sell the properties if we are unable to move to Portugal

    1. Hi Sandra. The £1,212 pension income that you have is over the legislated minimum but just under our partner’s recommended amount. However, your properties are a source of both equity and possible income (plus your husband’s future pension) which does make it much more likely you’ll be approved. Given your situation I’d suggest a chat with D7 specialist with our Portugal immigration law partner. They’ll be able to advise you on the best way to manage your application. All the best, Alastair

  28. Hi

    Thank you for all the information! I have been on many different sites reading about the D7 visa, and I have seen many different interpretations from many different sources as to what is considered a valid form of passive income.

    Some say it can only be investment income, others say it encopmasses a broader range. Specifically, I have seen other information that according to article 24 of decree number 84/2007, visa applications can be made by foreign citizens living on income from movable or immovable property or, and this is the one that interests me, intellectual property.

    “Os pedidos de visto efectuados por cidadãos estrangeiros que vivam de rendimentos de bens móveis ou imóveis ou da propriedade intelectual;”

    I am a self-published author and earn royalties each month more than totalling the minimum monthly requirement, and as intellectual property is defined as “creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names and images used in commerce”, do you think this would allow me to be considered for a D7 visa?

    Many thanks!

      1. Dear Sir / Madam

        I am quite impressed with the amount of information readily available in your website pages related to retirement and investment in abroad.
        I am currently researching information related to retiring in Portugal. i.e specifically D7 retirement option. I am currently 48 years old. I have the following questions:

        1. Is income from Agricultural source (for example Coffee estate) is accepted as a passive stable income for D7 visa?
        2. Is there a limitation on the Age of the applicant to get positive outcome on the D7 application? for example if the applicant is 50 years or old he has more advantage than younger people.

  29. Hi,
    Thank you so much for your informative page.

    I’ve got an additional question:
    Can an individual apply D7 visa if married with EU citizen?

    Much appreciate for your answer in advance.

  30. What happen if I am under a temporary protective status in the US which is not not a residence, can I still apply for the D7?

  31. I am hoping to set up a b&b /airbnb can I do this on a D7 and will this contribute to my passive income ?

    1. Hi Tracey. There is no restriction on working while in Portugal on a D7 visa – however, the income from that work is not eligible for your D7 financial qualification. Regards, Alastair

  32. Thanks for your helpful info. 2 questions:
    1. You mentioned that there was a limit to the amount of times for entry and exit to Portugal. If you live in Portugal for the required 8 months over the course of the year, could you make 6-12 one week trips to the US over the course of a year? My husband will be working remotely and we won’t know how often he has to return for meetings.
    2. In addition to his income, we have been renting out our main residence for the last 18 months and will continue to do so. The monthly profit exceeds the required passive income. The lease term for tenants is 1 year then month to month. The current tenants have been there for 18 months but are planning to move out in March when we will rent to new tenants. We basically have 2 tax years proving the income. Do we need to show a 2 year rental contract also?

  33. Hi Alastair,

    I’m still a bit confused on one point. In order to apply for the D7 visa, would 10,000 EUR be enough as a deposit in my newly opened Portuguese account? (or do I need to deposit at least the minimum monthly wage x 24 months?)


  34. Hi Alistair,
    I would appreciate if you could clarify the following points.
    1) I’m an Australian resident. I understand that in order to be issued with a D7 visa
    I need to open a bank account, in Portugal, PRIOR to applying for the visa, at
    the local Consulate. Is this correct ? If so do I first have to visit Portugal, in order
    to open a bank account, or can I do this remotely, which I am NOT keen on
    2) When opening a bank account, in Portugal, would I not have to be able to
    provide documentary evidence proving my address, in Portugal. .?
    3) Due to my age, 76, the quotes I have received for Expat Insurance, despite no
    pre existing issues are exorbitant and would cost circa 6-8 K€ over a 12 month
    period. Rather than purchase Expat Insurance could I purchase a Local Health
    Insurance policy as an alternative ? I understand that Local Health policies,
    which are limited to coverage in the country of purchase are less expensive.
    4) If it is possible to purchase a Local Health policy would I have to be
    in Portugal, with proof of a Portuguese address at the time of purchase, or
    could I purchase it prior to arrival, rather than the more expensive Expat
    Insurance and present it at the Consulate when submitting my application.


    1. Hi Adam.
      1) Yes, you should have a Portuguese bank account prior to the initial D7 application. You do not need to travel to Portugal to open this account. Our D7 Expert partners in Portugal can assist with the entire process on your behalf.
      2) No, there are ways of managing this remotely.
      3) Yes, a local health insurance policy will be acceptable. However, there are specific requirements for the policy – please ensure the policy you choose is appropriate. Again, our partners can advise you on this requirment.

      All the best, Alastair

  35. Hi,
    My parents live with me and my wife, would they be classed as dependents and could we lump all our pension incomes together to cover the required income for a D7 visa.

    1. Hi Joe. Your parents would be eligible to be included on your application and their pension income would be considered, but the application is a bit more complex. Our D7 expert partners will be best placed to help you prepare the joint application. Please book a consultation here. All the best, Alastair

  36. Hi,

    I do work online with UK base company since last 4 years and my monthly income is more than 706 Euros and I can provide a proof of my job (job letter, Salary slips, and online bank transfers / proof of income). Can I apply for this D7 visa and from where I can download D7 visa application form. Pls advise and thank you in advance.

  37. Hi
    I am a 56 woman from lebanon . I am interested in d7 visa but the problem is when i get my pension it will be alla at once and not on monthly basis. It will be about 180000$ . Also it cannot be deposited in a lebanese bank due to the economic crisis in lebanon . So i have to transfer all to a Portuguese bank an apply for the d7 visa with my husband and 2 daughters 18 and 22 who are still studying. Is my condition accepted for d7 visa

    1. Hi Sawsan. The $180,000 is more than the required amount, but you don’t have any passive income to support your application. Our partners will be able to assist with opening a Portuguese bank account and will be able to advise you on the best way to have your D7 visa application approved. All the best, Alastair

  38. Thank you for this very informative article! We are a family of four looking to move from Canada to Portugal, for a different pace of life and to be closer to our families in Europe and Africa. While we do not currently have passive income, we intend to rent out an apartment and use the rental income to support our application.

    We plan to do this for at least five years, but the question is: how long prior to applying for the visa do we have to have this in place? I.e. can we apply as soon as we have a rental agreement in place, or do we wait a six or twelve months to show a history of the passive income? We will also have some savings and intend to deposit at least the minimum required for a family of four into a Portuguese account, per your advice above. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Em. SET look at your overall situation – for this reason a quick chat with our D7 expert immigration partner is the best way to plan your application for the best chance of success. All the best, Alastair

  39. Thank you hosting this site and providing so much general and individual feedback. Currently, I am receiving money from the USA in the form of rental income. It is just barely enough to cover the D7 minimum requirements. However, I am also receiving money from a legal settlement from South Korea that will pay me monthly until 2026 similar to what the rental income does. Is it possible to include money from a legal settlement as passive income?

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Ben. The legal settlement payments definitely meet the passive income definition, but this is something I’d suggest clearing with an experienced Portugal Immigration Lawyer to ensure your application succeeds. All the best, Alastair

    2. Much obliged for all your advice!

      My question relates to applying for the D7 with my husband- can we apply TOGETHER in ONE application(I would be the main applicant and he would be the dependent) or is a later family reunification the only way?
      We wouldnt both qualify financially if we split our assets and did independent D7 applications.

      Thank you!

  40. Hi Alistair,
    Thank you for the comprehensive info provided. To the best of your knowledge, is there any difference in requirements when moving from Brazil to Portugal to what you have covered in your article re: D7 visa.

    Many thanks in advance

  41. Hi

    Thanks for all of this great information!

    My partner and I are looking into moving to Portugal from the UK this year, and the D7 seems ideal.

    One thing I am confused about, is the accommodation. We plan to buy a house once we have residency, so will need a rental until then. Do we need to arrange a 12 month lease for accommodation before the INITIAL application at the consulate in London? Or can we do that once we arrive, before the SEF appointment?

    Thanks in advance!

  42. Thank you for the detailed information!

    May you advise, if I have a corporation and contract w/o a termination date with my client giving me more than enough to satisfy the D-7 requirements, would the dividends I pay to myself be considered as a source of the passive income?

    Thank you for the advice!

  43. Hi Alastair,
    Could you clarify at what time it is possible to register with National Health Service? Is it after 5 years on D7 or pretty much as soon as permanent D7 is granted in Portugal?

  44. Excellent guidance.
    Please clarify the restrictions you’ve identified:
    (1) There is a limit to the number of times you can leave Portugal each year. What is the specified number of times an individual can leave each year?
    (2) In each year you must spend at least four months in the country. In addition, you must not spend more than six consecutive months outside Portugal. – Is the actual requirement that a minimum 183 days per year (6 months) be spent within Portugal, and the sequence of days spent in Portugal does not matter as long as 183 days per year is obtained?

    1. Hi Charles. With a reminder that these rules can be interpreted differently by different consulates… Regards, Alastair
      1) The hard rule is two entries into Portugal and 4 months validity for the original visa by which time you must have sorted out your residence permit.
      2) No, the consecutive minimum is 183 days the non-consecutive limit is 240 days.

  45. Hello, I am looking to move to portugal on the d7 visa in about 1 years time. I have more than the 2 years (20,000 euros) required saved up already to send to a portugese bank account but only have passive income (2-3k/month) from crypto currency at the moment. From what I understand, this will NOT be considered passive income for the d7. Now, I have a chunk of money in an ETF, would they accept if I sell about 1k every month of the ETF to prove passive ‘income’ going into my account? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Fred. Income from Crypto isn’t currently accepted, and I’m not sure all consulates will consider the sale of an asset (rather than income generated from that asset) as a qualification. Our D7 Immigration Law experts would be best placed to help you submit an application that can succeed (or advise you if you should not proceed). All the best, Alastair

  46. Hello, I hope you are well and I hope that you have not already addressed my questions, I have been researching else where and hit a wall/run out of steam, please excuse me.

    a) I was under the impression that I would have to spend 6 months consecutively OR a total of 8 months un-consecutively, per year in Portugal.

    b) Address requirements: I have already attended the embassy meeting. I have already showed the paper work signed by a Portuguese citizen as an invitation of habitation for a period of 1 year. Will I need to show additional proof of accomodation eg. a new rental contract?

    c) I was under the impression that I could not work. I see in your article that this is actually possible. does this exclude working types of jobs such as bars ect?

    Thank you very much for your article. Stay well.

    1. Hi Angus. With the reminder that different consulates can take a different approach… Cheers, Alastair
      1) yes, that is correct
      2) your invitation should still be valid.
      3) You are entitled to work in Portugal – there are no excluded jobs.

  47. Hi
    Do I need to deposit the passive income I receive every month into the Portuguese Bank Account?

    there is a business owned by a friend of mine, I have invested money in it and I get a share of its monthly profit as an our agreement, Is that OK for my Passive income eligibility?

    1. Hi Rohan,

      Your passive income does not have to be deposited into a Portuguese bank, but you will need to collect documentation that proves the income is passive and continuous. As long as you are not actively working for the company then dividends or profit share is eligible. Our D7 immigration lawyer partner will be best placed to ensure you submit an application that will be approved. All the best, Alastair

  48. Great article! Does USA SSD social security disability count as passive income for d7? Mine is well above the needed amount and is monthly and continuous.

  49. Great info, the best I came across.

    I am into IT, working remotely and earning regular monthly income of around 2k euros. At the moment I have around 5k in savings. I can transfer 10k euro in a Portuguese bank account but can I use one of my family member’s savings to do this. I will be applying as a single applicant though but can I use say my family member’s money to transfer to the bank account? Will this work?


  50. I saw this above:

    “There is a minimum time you must live in Portugal. In each year you must spend at least four months in the country. In addition, you must not spend more than six consecutive months outside Portugal.”

    On other sites, they seem to say that one must spend either six consecutive months in Portugal or eight non-consecutive months.

    The requirement to spend six consecutive months each year could be quite constraining.

    Which one is correct, please?
    Thank you, Jane.

    1. Hi Jane. Our information is correct. However you don’t need to spend six consecutive months in Portugal. You could, for example, spend 3 months in, 1 month out, 3 months in, one month out, 3 months in, one month out. All the best, Alastair

  51. Thank you Alistair for a super article.
    My husband qualifies for the D7.
    I have a large sum in savings but no passive income. I am happy to work in Portugal.
    I was advised to apply for the D7 rather than the D6 reunification visa because we do not have a marriage certificate. We have been together for 6 years. We had a wedding but never filed with home affairs. If we have proof that we live together does Portugal recognize common law marraige?
    Thank you for any advice you can offer.

  52. Alastair,

    Great article! I have read several places about the need for health insurance. What is unclear to me is how long the insurance be in place for? Since we would be eligible for the national health service once we become residents.



    1. Hi Lorrie. Yes, you’re eligible to apply for national health cover in Portugal, but only once your residency is completed. YOu’ll need cover until then. All the best, Alastair

  53. Hi there

    Just want to ask if you can help with this one, Is there a minimum period of which income should have been received or can I start my investment 2 months ago then start applying if there is proof of valid foreseeable passive income to be shown.

    3. Can I get a new lease once I move there and does this need to be provided to authorities also what will happen if visa is rejected then will you still need to pay off lease or that could be amended in agreement.

    4. After applying are you allowed to leave the country if you have another Schengen visa for different use or should you stay until you get D7 approved like leave passport to consulate. Thanks

    1. Hi Armin. 1) There are no hard and fast rules here – SET wants to see that you can support yourself for the duration of your visa and your application needs to show that. 2) There are several approaches to leases for your D7 visa, and 3) yes, as long as you nmeet your residency requirements you can leave and reenter the country. To better understnad how to present your lease and income I’d suggest a consultation with our D7 expert partner in Portugal. All the best, Alastair

  54. Hi Alastair

    We have company in our country Iran (my wife and I ) and also we establish a company in Spain 2 year ago but we didn’t work with that because of Covid-19 .

    We can show our company have income and also we have sallery in month.

    Right now my wife and my son would like to live in Europe after 6 month.

    So please tell me :
    1- Can we get D7 from Portugal ?
    2- can you help us about cost of life in Portugal ?
    3- can you help us to get D7 and also help us to rent apartment and our kid high school and etc…
    4- can you give me cost of your services ?
    5- In first we can’t open bank account in Portugal because of sanction so we can’t transfer money in advance for our application, so do you have any way for our case ?

    I await to hearing from you
    Yours Sincerely
    Benyamin Ghasemi

  55. Hello, Are dividends from shares acceptable totaling £8460 per year (not £705 per month) as a source of passive income for the D7 visa? Thanks

  56. Hi Alastair, thank you for this awesome article! Just a few questions:

    1. Is it possible to apply based on sponsorship? For example, if a musician has a steady monthly income of Paypal.me or the likes (Patreon etc.).

    2. If based on a rental income, for how many months backwards does it have to be reflected in the bank statements? Can the payments show on the bank statement as from Paypal?

    3. Isn’t the D7 residence make one eligible for Portugal’s NHS? If yes, then the private health insurance can only last until the D7 residence gets approved by the SEF?

  57. Thank you for an excellent article. You mentioned that there is a limit to the number of times one can enter and exit the country under the D7RP. Please provide information on the maximum allowable number. Our intention is to be able to regularly visit our grandson in London, say spend 1 week with him every month. Also to tour other countries once ot twice a year. Is this allowed?

  58. Hi Alastair
    Great information on D7 Visa. I have few questions. I am planning on moving my spouse and 2 kids to Portugal through D7 Visa and look for job in Portugal.
    1) I do have a rental property in the U.S. and it generates about $5,000 ($60,000 a year) rent a year. Do they look into expense as well or just gross income from ‘passive income’. If we count expenses (Mortgage, Insurance, Tax on that rental), it is at $1,000 a month ($12,000), which wouldn’t be enough to qualify on net income basis. So it would be great to know if it is gross income or net income for passive income.
    2) Also, in addition would have about $100,000 deposited in Portugal bank and all in assets (rental, 401k, savings) of $1.2 million. Would that help if answer from question #1 is net income.

    1. Hi Jay. Your rental income should suffice, but the deposit will definitly help. Our Portugal D7 expert partner will be happy to assist with planning your application for the best chance of success. All the best, Alastair

  59. Asking as a U.S. Citizen and retiree, what constitutes a Portuguese accepted “police record”? Given multiple states that may or may not coordinate with a national government, I have not idea how or how hard it would be to obtain such a legal record. Thank you in advance.

  60. Hi Alistair,
    I’m a retired Police Officer in the UK and on the retirement of my wife in a few years time, we will be looking for a holiday home, possibly in Portugal.
    I’ve read many of the stipulations about the D7 visa, also about the new rules regarding the Golden Visa.
    So with a Police Pension of approx $1800 per month I figure I should qualify for the D7, financially.
    The new 2022 rules for Golden Visa purchases, limit the locations and values of property purchases in Portugal. Does this apply to the D7 visa?
    I also note that with D7, you are limited to how many times I can leave Portugal, does that mean, leaving the EU area, or Portugal itself? As we would/ may need to return to UK at short notice and multiple times? Thanks Mark

    1. Hi Mark. The 2022 changes to the Golden visa are applicable only to that program. The only changes to the D7 have been the small change to the financial requirements. So, if you are living in Portugal on a D7 visa there are no restrictions on where you can purchase a property. The main concern for your D7 renewal is that you meet the residency requirment. Short visits for a reason to the UK will not be an issue if you do. All the best, Alastair

  61. Hi Alistair,
    Thank you for an excellent article. I plan to apply for D7 which includes my wife and my parents as dependents. I assume the amount of my passive income could meet the requirement of 3 adult dependents when my wife do not have any passive income. Could you advice if I can include my wife and my parents into my application? As I read in another article says the spouse included in the application also MUST has his/her own passive income?

    1. Hi Ryan. The total passive income you have must be enough for everyone on the application. That income can come from one or more people on the application. So, you can include your wife and parents if your income is sufficient. All the best, Alastair

      1. Hi Alastar. Thanks for your reply. Can I have your quotation of the fees for assisting my D7 application? Will the fee covering the services of document review, bank account opening and property renting service? Many thanks.


  63. Dear Alastair,

    Spainish law requires anyone who has lived in Australia in last 5 years to provide fingerprints with there Aus Police check. Is Portugal Law the same for D7 application?

    many thasnks,


  64. Hello Alastair,

    I posted a comment yesterday but I’m not sure whether it was successful or not, so reposting. In case it’s duplicated, I do apologize.

    I’m an American and an Australian citizen currently living in Brno, Czech Republic. I have passive income from my rental property in Australia and from stock investments. My annual income from just the rental property is around 31,000AUD (~21,000EUR).

    I’m very interested in applying for this visa but just want to confirm whether you think this will be sufficient to succeed. This will be for my wife, my son, and my daughter. Both of my kids are under the age of 26. Can you please let me know? Thanks.

    1. Hi Bilhar. Yes, your income should be sufficient. Be aware that only dependent children under 18 years old can be included on the application. All the best, Alastair

  65. Hello Alastair,

    This my sound a bit off topic, but it will really help me to know what the actual minimum living cost is for a couple with a baby in Lisbon or porto.

    Thanking you in advance

    1. Hi Hassan – There is no simple answer to this question. Your cost of living depends on a wide range of factors. What is your accommodation, how do you manage utilities, what do you eat, and how do you spend your leisure time? We can only offer broad ranges. Our advice: hop onto property websites, online supermarkets, and Expat Facebook groups – try to recreate your lifestyle with those prices. It is a lot of work, but the only way to get a really accurate answer. Regards, Alastair

  66. Hello — thanks for the helpful article. I am a US citizen. My wife is from Poland and is a recent US citizen. Are we able to move to Portugal as a couple and leverage her EU status? Thanks

  67. Hi

    Thanks for the helpful information.

    After I get my portugal citizenship in 5-6 years time, how much time per year I have to spend in portugal as a minimum requirement?

  68. I am 67 with passive US retirement income (SS and state pension) around $3000. I have a very small savings account (just $2000). Does this meet the qualifications or do I need to have the actual 2 years of income available in hand? Thank you in advance for your help.


    1. Hi Jan. The consulate will look at your entire financial position, which is why our partner recommends the bank deposit and extra evidence of your ability to support yourself. As you meet the income requirement, I suggest chatting with Ana to see how best to position your financial position for a successful application. All the best, Alastair

  69. Very good information indeed, could I ask couple of questions please.

    1. If me (75%) and my wife (25%) have passive rental income which meets threshold combined (100%), can she apply as primary applicant and me as dependent however her income is less than mine.

    2. Since we apply together, do both of us must live in Portugal for 186 days in an year ? or I can stay less than that. My employment demands 260 days outside Portugal, can I do that if she is primary applicant? She can live 6 months in a row but I can’t.

    3. What could be timeline for best history of passive income, 3 months, 6 months or more?

    4. Am I correct in saying that once we are granted residency, there are no limits to number of trips to in and out of Portugal!. (I understand it’s 2 visits before residency is approved)

    5. Does the rejection of D7 application impacts future visa applications such as another D7 or golden visa?

    6. Does Portuguese embassy in Delhi (India) has a good history of D7 visas?

  70. Hello,

    Where on the D7 form do you actually add a dependent? I have looked over the form multiple times and do not see any place to add dependent information? I have passive monthly income that covers both myself and my wife which is well over the minimum threshold (about 3.5x the amount) plus $60k in savings. My wife does work remotely online but since it is not ‘passive’ income, we were not going to bother adding that information for the visa application. Thank you!

  71. Hi my husband and I are planning to move to Portugal next year. My husband is retired military so he receives his check from them and also gets Social Security. We have an 18 year old daughter and 21 year old son who live with us and are dependent on us as they are not able to afford their own place. We are looking to buy land in Portugal and be self-sufficient on our homestead with our children. Will they be able to go with us and be counted under my husbands income or are they over the age and not considered dependent? (We added the amount and he makes more than enough to cover for them as well).

  72. Hello,

    I am a USA Retired person looking to retire as an expat in Portugal.

    How will my US Social Security Pension be taxed if I am on the D7?

    I also have a State of North Carolina Pension – How is that taxed on the D7?

    How will withdrawals from my 401ks & my regular IRAs & my Roth IRAs b e taxed on the D7?

    I see many contradictory statements in my internet research.

    Can you help clarify this for me?

    Thanks so much!!!

  73. Hi,

    If I submit a D7 with a spouse dependent, do they need to supply a background check document too? Even if they are not the main applicant?


  74. I know that there is no age limit for the D7 visa, however, are people aged 70+ regularly granted the visa?

  75. Hi, hope i’m not too late to the party. I have a forex trading account that’s been making good profit (usd 10,000 per month on average) over the last 2 years. Would that be good enough for myself, wife, child and 3 of our parents? would the brokerage statements (with my personal name) be enough for the application or do we need more?

    Also, its says “dependent” parents so how do we say the parents are dependent on us?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Linh – the party never stops here. I’ve contacted our Portugal D7 partenr with your queries. Their response was that as the income is consistant and staedy it could well be accepted. However the rest of the application and supporting evidence will be a major factor that DSEF will consider as a whole. As for parents, if they are younger than 65, their financial dependency to the main applicant has to be proven. Regards, Alastair

      1. Thank you so much for the reply. I just realized something else that will need clarification. Does forex trading benefit from the NHR tax regime or is it considered business income?
        My trading does involve a good number of trades per day. some could be very short but some could be as long as days to even weeks. the brokerage account is held abroad.
        And could you elaborate on the proof of dependency for parents under 65yo?
        Thanks again,

  76. Can a main applicant with dependant mother apply together at the same time at the Portuguese embassy? What application should the dependant, elder mother , fill; d7, d6 or? There’s no space to mention a dependant’s name on the D7 visa form.

  77. Hello,

    Where on the D7 form do you actually add a dependent, mother? If a separate form is to be filled what form do I fill? I have looked over the form multiple times and do not see a place to add dependent information?

  78. Hi, there
    We are interested and seeking to D7 visa.
    Currently me and my wife are living in Bucharest in Romania and we are non European citizen. Requirements of the Portuguese govt, expected yearly income are to be filled for both.

    We are a bit of unclear regarding the deposit money in Portuguese bank before applying D7 visa. And how much money need to show in bank statement in this occasion?

    Waiting to hearing from you.

    Thank you
    Atiendra dutta

  79. Hello Alastair,
    I have obtained my initial 4-month D7 visa.

    After my SEF interview, will I be able to travel back to the U.S. right away before receiving my residence card in the mail? My son is having a child and I would like to visit for 6 weeks to help out before returning to Portugal. Would I need to travel with the temporary resident paper issued at the SEF office after the interview?

    Thank you,

  80. Very informative.My partner and i wish to move to Portugal and have looked into visas etc.Our only concern is he has a criminal conviction going back over 20years ago.Nothing terrible and nothing ever since.Would this affect our chances of proceeding with applying for a visa?Many thanks

    1. Hi Bridgit. A conviction is by no means always disqualifying. SET assesses the conviction, so it is worth meeting with our partner to discuss your specific situation and ensure it will pass the application process. All the best, Alastair

  81. if the application is rejected, how do I get the money that transfer to Portugues account bank?

    1. Hi Johnson. The bank account is in your name and the money is 100% exclusivly in your control at all times – you can always move it as required. Noone else has access to or control over your money. Regards, Alastair

  82. Hello Alastair,
    My wife and I are keen to explore the D7 visa option.
    Please advise if adult children that are financially dependent on us can be included in the application

    1. HI Alan – Kids over 18 need to be dependent on you and not working, usually because they are still studying. Our partners can advise on how best to manage the application. All the best, Alastair

  83. Hi,
    For Non-NHR applicants, what will be the Tax ratio on the income remitted to Portugal for day-to-day expenses?

  84. I will be applying for a D7 from the U.S. and the San Francisco Consulate is my designated location to apply.

    My passive retirement income from the fire department is through CalPERS (California Public Employee Retirement System) and my income exceeds the minimum monthly requirement for this visa. They also provide a guaranteed annual cost of living allowance.

    Note: CalPERS is the nation’s largest public pension fund with investments in both domestic and international markets

    I have no problem opening up a Portuguese savings account but not sure how much to send over. Every article read or video seen gives conflicting information about the amount that varies widely.

    My concern is that I need funds to send my non-furniture belongings via a partial shipping container if my application is accepted. I am in a land locked state and the cost is unknown at this time for ground and ship transport to Houston, Texas.

    So basically I am looking what would be the best way to deal with the Portuguese savings account issue. My passive income alone would cover all my expenses to live their and actually add to my savings account because I am very frugal.

    1. Hi Alex – our partner recommends depositing as a minimum the required annual income amount so that is the minimum you should aim for. If you passive income exceeds the minimum by a long way then you shouldn’t need to deposit much more than that as your total financial situation is assessed. Our partner would be happy to assist with your application to ensure the best chance of success. All the best, Alastair

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