Need help with your Barbados visa or citizenship?

We have been sending clients to Maria for many years, and she continues to get consistently excellent feedback.

In 30 minutes, Maria will let you know which immigration path is the best for you and explain the steps you need to take to get your visa or citizenship.

Why do we recommend Maria and her team?


They have decades of specialized experience to draw on when looking at your situation.


They listen! They will understand your specific requirements and recommend the best option for you and your family.


They will be honest with you about each opportunity and challenge. (And there are a few challenges with Barbados visas)


Maria has contacts in the immigration department and is up to date on any changes.


They will get you the right appointment with the right office and accompany you to the interview if you need help.


They offers transparent, open, and competitive pricing. You’ll have no nasty surprises, and your quote will cover the services you choose.

I found their legal services to be very efficient. Maria and her staff were very courteous, reliable, and professional. I would definitely recommend them for all your legal needs.

– Charleen P

What you get in the consultation

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A 30-minute consultation with a qualified Immigration lawyer over Zoom or in person

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Clear advice on the best visa or citizenship route for you and your family.

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Understand the next steps to achieve your residency or citizenship goals.

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A quote from the firm for any services that you wish to use. This can include full visa service, citizenship, residency cards, or help to settle in.

100% money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.
Barbados Immigration - Maria

They offer exceptional, client-focused, results-oriented services that pay particular attention to their client’s specific needs. They have a long-standing commitment to excellence and have a proven track record of both practical and innovative solutions for their clients….

Shantelle D

We do the vetting and continuous assessment for you.

We have lived in six countries on four continents and traveled extensively. Each time, we’ve dealt with the complexities of a new immigration system. We have had some excellent lawyers to help us out, but we also had shockingly bad experiences. We can assure you that hiring an immigration lawyer who comes up top in a Google search does not get you the best result.

Our clients continuously asked us for recommendations on good immigration lawyers. So, we developed our continuous assessment process, where we research and interview many potential immigration lawyers before we choose one to provide you with excellent service and fair pricing.

We have been working with Maria and her team for many years, and they continue to get great feedback. They are efficient and professional and will quickly get your visa or citizenship sorted out.

All the best for your new life or citizenship in Barbados!

Alison and Alastair

Using our Immigration Lawyer in Barbados Addresses These Major Concerns

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Familiarity with Specific Nationality Issues: As an expert in Barbados Immigration Law, Maria and her team work extensively with American and British clients – as well as other nationalities.

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Language and Communication: While English is the official language of Barbados, there might be local terminologies or legal jargon unfamiliar to Expats. You’ll get clear communication and actionable advice from Maria and her team.

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Credibility and Reputation: Finding a reputable lawyer with a successful track record in immigration laws is a universal concern. Our strict selection process and ongoing quality control ensure you get top-quality advice and service at great value.

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Cost and Billing Practices: Legal services can vary in cost. Both Americans and British expats might be concerned about being overcharged, facing hidden fees, or navigating different billing practices. We benchmark our partner’s fees against the market and check with clients to ensure they are getting great value advice and support for all their Barbados immigration requirements.

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Up-to-date Knowledge: Immigration laws, regulations, and bilateral agreements can change. It’s essential for your lawyer to be current with the latest rules, especially those affecting Americans and Brits. Maria and her team pride themselves on staying current to ensure you get the right answer the first time.

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Long-term Support: Beyond just obtaining a visa or residency, you may need long-term support or assistance with potential future legal issues related to immigration. We’ve built our business on delivering outstanding service, and value is key for us to ensure long-term client relationships.

Our long-term business depends on the performance of our partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

All reputable immigration firms in Barbados charge for a consultation. This allows them to take enough time to understand your situation and to give you an honest assessment of your case. And it means you’ll meet with a qualified immigration lawyer and not the intern or admin. Free consultations are sometimes just a marketing strategy to push a standard sales pitch.

Yes, our partners work with clients from all over the world.

Every application varies, and so very few lawyers publish a price list. However, your lawyer should be able to give you an accurate quote once you have had your initial consultation and agreed on the required services. Do not proceed without a precise quote for the complete service.  If a lawyer has prices quoted on their website, check to make sure it covers all parts of the service, and there are no surprise add-ons and exclusions. And does your fee cover an administrative appeal if your application is rejected?

We have a detailed selection process for all our partners. We also ask every client that uses them how it went.

We are so confident of the quality of their professional service and value that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. We’ll only ask why you were unhappy so that we can improve our service; you’ll get your money back immediately, no matter the answer.

There is no guarantee. Each consulate has slightly different processes. And the requirements change over time. However, a good partner will understand those details and ensure you don’t submit an application before it has the best possible chance of being approved.