Your Ireland Immigration Plan in 30-minutes

Expert Ireland Immigration Law Firm hand-picked by Where Can I Live

Stephen (Ireland/US dual citizen) and his team have helped hundreds of people from around the world with their visa and citizenship applications. We chose them for their professionalism, customer service, and rapid results. Consistent 5-star client feedback confirms our choice.

Our Ireland Immigration Lawyer Stephen

What do you get in the consultation?

  • 30-minute online meeting with a qualified Ireland immigration lawyer.
  • Clear advice on the best visa, residency, or citizenship route.
  • Irish immigration law expert knowledge, experience, and advice on the best way to cut red tape.
  • A transparent, competitive quote for further immigration services.
  • The 70% Where Can I Live client discount. The normal price for a consultation is €250.
  • A 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

“I would highly recommend them, especially Stephen. Stephen and the team were very professional, empathetic, and helpful. He met with me very quickly after I contacted them and offered some solutions straightway. He was very responsive throughout the process keeping me up to date with the development of my case, which definitely made a difference for me and added an extra layer of comfort. I couldn’t recommend Stephen and the team enough!“

– Camilla M.

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How do we find the best lawyers for our clients?

The team selecting a Spain Immigration Lawyer

We ensure that anyone we recommend meets the following standards:

  • Be legally qualified to practice immigration law in their jurisdiction.
  • Be local immigration law SMEs that are up to date on the easiest options and opportunities.
  • Get outstanding reviews for service.
  • Show transparent and fair pricing
  • Have sound privacy policies to ensure the safety of your data
  • Put their customer’s interests first and not push unsuitable programs and schemes for their profit.
  • Be a customer-focused, boutique law firm and not a sausage factory.
  • Communicate clearly with customers in English.

“If I could give 100 stars, I would. Juliet reached out to me within 24hrs of my inquiry and started working on my case that same day copying me in all communications. To my greatest surprise, I received my Naturalisation approval today in less than a month of reaching out to them. I have waited 15 yrs for this and got it within a month.“

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Are you moving to Ireland? Or applying for citizenship?
Does any of this resonate with you?

  • You have read a lot of information online, but government advice is confusing, and websites contradict each other.
  • The advice online does not fit your personal situation.
  • You don’t have the time and energy to deal with immigration red tape.
  • You don’t know how to find an immigration lawyer who provides great service and value. 
Alison and Alastair

Hi there, we are Alastair and Alison,

We have lived in six countries on four continents and traveled extensively. Each time we’ve dealt with the complexities of a new immigration system.

It is not a fun experience; let’s face it!

Frustration and red tape typically drives us to hire an immigration lawyer. We have had some excellent lawyers to help us out, but we also had shockingly bad experiences. We found that hiring the immigration lawyer that comes up top in a google search does not get you the best result.

Our clients continuously asked us for recommendations on good immigration lawyers. So we developed our continuous assessment process where we do a lot of research and interviews to find immigration partners to provide you with excellent service and fair pricing.

Stephen and his team get continual amazing feedback on their services. They are efficient, and professional and get your visa or citizenship sorted out very quickly.

We wish you all the best!

“Thanks very much to this team for helping me in the past few months with a great outcome which wouldn’t have happened without your help. I highly recommend them to anyone that needs excellent 👌 help “

– Sabrina O

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Our Assessment Process is Just the Beginning

Once we have selected our partners, we monitor their performance with every single client.

If you use a Where Can I Live partner, we’ll ask you how it went – and we do with every single client. We also do in-depth interviews with some clients where we want more information. And, we consistently monitor other review sites and press for any red flags.

If a partner doesn’t meet our standard, we terminate the collaboration. And, yes, we have fired partners when their standards have slipped. We will not accept poor service for our clients.

A man on his laptop looking at the screen

“Juliet was amazing start to finish. A lovely person very efficient and professional and I would highly recommend her. She sorted my issue out that was with another solicitor for 3 years and had it sorted in 5 months. Thanks again Juliet “

– Shazad A.

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Do we trust our selection and assessment process?

Happy woman in a wicker chair on her porch in Costa Rica

Yes, 100%.

That is why we offer a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. If you are unhappy with your initial consultation, just tell us what went wrong, and we’ll refund you immediately. Our long-term business counts on the performance of our partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What will the lawyer cost?

Every application varies, and so very few lawyers publish a price list. However, your lawyer will give you an accurate quote once you have had your initial consultation. At this point, you’ll have agreed on the services you need, so don’t proceed without a clear quote for the complete service. If a lawyer has prices quoted on their website, check to make sure it covers all parts of the service. You don’t want any surprise add-ons and exclusions. And, does your fee cover an administrative appeal if your application is rejected?

Q. If I use your Ireland Immigration lawyer, what services will they offer?

Our partners are specialists in Ireland immigration. They can assist with all residence permits and visas for people moving to Ireland. They also help with citizenship applications and investor visa applications. They handle immigration and related issues for both EU and non-EU citizens. Our partners can help you, no matter where you plan to live in Ireland.


– The Irish Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP) and Startup Entrepreneur Programme (STEP) provides residency and work permissions in exchange for direct investment into Ireland’s economy.
– Retirement Visas or a visa for a person of independent means.
– Residence Permit
– Ireland Work Permit
– Ireland Study Visa
– Irish citizenship application

You can agree on the legal services you want from the company and the costs in the initial consultation.

Q. Why should I pay for a consultation?

Most reputable immigration firms in Ireland charge for a consultation. This allows them the time to understand your situation and give you an honest assessment of your situation. And it means you’ll meet with a qualified immigration lawyer and not the intern or admin. Free consultations are sometimes a marketing strategy to push a standard sales pitch.

The Irish Immigration Market is extremely busy and as a result, most firms charge between €150 – €300 for a consultation. We have a special deal agreed for our clients to pay only € 57 for your first consultation.

Q. Why should I use the Where Can I Live recommended Ireland Immigration Lawyer?

We have a detailed selection process for all our partners. We are so confident of the quality of their professional service and value that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. We’ll only ask why you were unhappy to improve our service; you’ll get your money back immediately no matter the answer.

Q. Will my application be accepted?

There is no guarantee. Each consulate has slightly different processes to obtain a visa or residence permit. Plus, the requirements change over time. However, Stephen and his team will understand your situation and the requirements. They’ll ensure you don’t submit an application before it has the best possible chance of being approved.