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Take the stress out of immigration

You need a Czech Residency Visa or Citizenship. You don't know what you need to get it. Does this resonate with you?

  • You have read a lot of information online, but government advice is confusing, and websites contradict each other. 
  • The advice online does not exactly fit your personal situation.  
  • Your Czech isn’t fluent, and you’ll need it for your application and appointments.
  • You simply don’t have the time and energy to deal with immigration red tape. 

You need a Where Can I Live hand picked and trusted Immigration lawyer


We have done all the hard work and research for you to find a good lawyer

Alastair and Alison in Spain

Hi, we are Alison and Alastair.

We have lived in six countries on four continents and travelled extensively.  Each time we moved we’ve had to deal with a new immigration system.  We’ve had to work out which residency permit is the best for us and deal with the uncertainty of not knowing the processes, procedures, and even if we’ll be accepted.

We have hired many immigration lawyers to help us. But it can go horribly wrong. Like this time.

We hired a lawyer that was on page one of a Google search. From the start, communication was sporadic. Pricing was unclear. We had unnecessary 7 am trips to the police station and mix-ups with appointments. And what happened next was nothing short of heartbreaking. Our son’s application was rejected.

After MONTHS of preparation, we had to start the entire process from scratch.   All the time standing in immigration queues like cattle was to no avail. We decided that there HAD to be an easier way.

We made it our mission to build a network of immigration partners that provide excellent service and fair pricing. So that you don't have to go through what we did!

My meeting went very well.  Katerina was very knowledgeable, answered all my questions and her spoken English is excellent. I will be engaging them for assistance with my long-term residency visa.

— Rudi M

Immigration Lawyer Consultation

What do you get in the consultation?

  • You will meet with a qualified immigration lawyer. Over the phone, Zoom or Skype.
  • You will get clear advice on the best visa or citizenship route for you and your family.
  • You will understand the next steps to achieve your residency or citizenship goals.
  • They will give you a quote for any services that you wish to use. This can include full visa service, residency cards or citizenship.
  • They'll be honest with you about each opportunity.
  • They know the Czech immigration system inside out and know the best way to get through the red tape.
  • They'll offer transparent, open, and competitive pricing. You'll have no nasty surprises, and your quote will cover the services you choose.
Searching for the best immigration lawyer

How do we find the best immigration partners?

We have an Assessment Process to find the best in the business. All our partners must meet the following standards:

  • Be legally qualified to practice immigration law in their jurisdiction.
  • Be local immigration law SMEs that are up to date with the latest options and opportunities.
  • Have excellent press and outstanding reviews for customer service.
  • Show transparent and fair pricing.
  • Have sound privacy policies and procedures to ensure the safety of your data.
  • Put their customer’s interests first and not push unsuitable programs and schemes for their own profit.
  • Be a customer-focused, boutique law firm, and not a sausage factory. We want people who care about clients, not billing.
  • Communicate clearly with customers in English.

Our 8-point assessment is just the beginning.

Once we have selected our partners, we monitor their performance with every single client.

If you use a Where Can I Live partner, we’ll ask you how it went – and we do with every single client. We also do in-depth interviews with some clients where we want more information. And, we consistently monitor other review sites and press for any red flags.

If a partner doesn’t meet our standard, we terminate the collaboration. And, yes, we have fired partners when their standards have slipped. We will not accept poor service for our clients.

Do we trust our selection and assessment process?

Yes, 100%.

That is why we offer a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. If you are unhappy with your initial consultation, just tell us what went wrong, and we’ll refund you immediately. Our long-term business counts on the performance of our partners.

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We've got A's for your Q's

Why should I use the Where Can I Live Czech partner?

We have a very detailed selection process for all of our partners, and you can see full details of that process here. After being selected, we monitor partner performance by asking every client how it went and assessing how many sign up with them for a full service. We have ended partnerships where partners have not continued to deliver first-class service and value. We believe that you shouldn’t always trust the companies on the first page of a Google Search!

If I do use a lawyer, what services will they offer?

Our lawyers in Czechia offer an extensive range of services for both EU citizens and non-EU citizens. Because they have many years of experience helping people with very varied situations, they can recommend the easiest and cheapest path depending on your personal situation. As well as visas, they can help you with company formation, social security, taxation, and other services.  

What will the lawyer cost?

Every application varies, and so it is hard to publish a set-price list. However, Jaroslav and his team will give you an accurate quote once you have had your initial consultation and agreed on the required services. They often provide discounts for larger families too. We have done a lot of research for you to make sure that this company offers fair pricing. They also cover an administrative appeal if your application is rejected, which other companies do not.  

Why should I pay for a consultation?

Most reputable immigration firms in Europe charge for a consultation. This allows them to take enough time to understand your situation and to give you an honest assessment of your situation. And it means you’ll meet with a qualified immigration lawyer and not the intern or admin. Free consultations are sometimes just a marketing strategy to push a standard sales pitch.

Will my application be accepted?

There is no guarantee. Each consulate has slightly different processes. And the requirements change over time. However, a good partner will understand those details and ensure you don’t submit an application before it has the best possible chance of being approved.

Does your Czechia Partner speak English?

Yes, they have a team that speaks fluent English.