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You need private health insurance for Spain. How do you pick the right provider?

Use our experience to get the right cover at the right price.

We've spoken to brokers, polled expats, and used insurance companies ourselves. Here is our two top picks to save you effort, time and money.




We recommend ASSSA Health Insurance to our clients in Spain for the following reasons:


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We recommend a quote from Sanitas for the following reasons:


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How did we assess Health Insurance companies in Spain?

We took the top five Spanish Health Insurance companies and rated them according to these requirements:

“Finding the right private health insurance was important to us for peace of mind as well as a neccessity for our Non Lucrative Visas. Thank goodness we could save time and get quotes from your recommended companies. We are happy with our choice ”-

– Michelle. R., moving to Spain from the UK

Alison and Alastair

Hi there,


When we moved to Spain in 2014, we picked a policy in a rush. Wow – did we regret our choice! We were with them for two years and beat our heads against the wall.


·       There was no support or care in English.

·       It was challenging to find the right healthcare professionals close to us.

·       We didn’t have enough choice in the healthcare professionals we saw.

·       The policy cost just over twice what we pay today.


We were so happy when we used our network here in Spain to research a new Health Insurance company. 


We swapped our policy to Sanitas, and for less than 50% of our old policy, we have health insurance that meets all our needs!


So have a chat to the two insurance companies that we recommend for the best outcome. 

All the best for your move to Spain!


Alison and Alastair

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