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The complete free step by step guide for Moving to Spain

From visas, insurances,relocation checklists to finding a home, we have you covered.

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“A move to Spain was my dream but I didn't know where to start. The guide that you sent was super useful and made me feel a lot more relaxed and in control.. Thank you so much!”-

– Cassandra.H.

Moving countries ranks in the top ten most stressful events in people's lifetimes

Spain Immigration Consultation

There is so much to think about and so many unknowns that it can be a terrifying prospect. Some of our clients dreamed of moving to Spain for years but were put off by the red tape, confusion, and conflicting information. And if you don’t speak Spanish it is even more of a challenge.


Our easy-to-follow Moving to Spain Guide will help you through every step of your amazing adventure.  We break down your move into easy steps and give you all the information you need to make the right decisions at the right times. You’ll have manageable lists of actions and outcomes.   From getting a visa to finding a removals company to learning Spanish, we have got your back all the way through this move.


And what’s more?  It is completely FREE!

What you will get from the Guide


There are so many visa options to understand, so many cities and neighbourhoods to investigate and schools to choose from. We help you find everything that is available to you


Making the right decisions first time is key to making the whole process easier as well as saving you time and money. Make decisions based on the experience of Expats who have done it all before you.


Save time and avoid stress with our easy to use checklists and resources. We will get you moving a lot faster.

Alison and Alastair

Hi there,

We have lived in six countries on four continents.  Each time we have moved, we’ve had to deal with new immigration systems, local red tape, relocation companies, and lawyers.  We’ve made the big calls like choosing a city to make our new home without clear guidance.

When we moved to Spain in 2014, it was even more challenging than our other moves; we didn’t speak any Spanish!  It took us three months to get the internet set up in our house, and in hindsight, we were ripped off.  The immigration lawyers we used charged us three times what they should have.

We want you to share all the joy and excitement we felt when we moved to Barcelona, without the stress and frustration.

Alison and Alastair

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